Why I Write


May 29, 2013 by Heather

Let’s see, where were we.

Ah yes.  I had stopped blogging and apologized to those who I had offended with my many posts about feminine issues (i.e.: breastfeeding, v-word, etc.).  I just wanted to pop in real quick though and say two things.  Ok, three things.

1) Sorry.

2) But this is, after all, a blog for women, mainly.

3) I still have a lot more to say.

Because you see, for whatever reason, I feel called to write.  Not in a serious, hardcore, world-changing kind of way like when someone says they feel called to be a missionary to Africa or something.  But I do feel called to do it, even if it is about the latest celebrity gossip or the current state of my thighs.

I’ve been asked recently if I have no shame regarding things I write or say.  To that, I answer, “Well, not really.  Why should I?”  I’ve just never really understood why people feel the need to keep stuff inside and hidden from others.  Some things, ok, I get it.  There are certain areas of our lives that are best left untold to the masses.  I’m not an idiot, and believe it or not I do have a rather large filter between my brain and my mouth.  BUT.  But.  If you have struggles or issues or feel a certain way about something, I think it’s important to share and communicate that stuff – to get it out there so you’re not so alone with it.  You’re never alone.  We’re all dealing with an ample amount of shhh, no matter how perfect we look on Instagram.

Especially as women, we need so much support from each other.  And that is why I write.  I write to connect with an audience who, perhaps, is thinking and feeling and dealing with all the same crap I am, but maybe feels alone or too embarrassed to put it out there.

For example, right now I am incredibly menstrual (second day, you feel me?) and just finished weaning off of my antidepressant, which has me shaky and seeing all sorts of pretty colors.  Basically, I am a hot mess.  And no matter how many miles I bike, swim, and run, these last 20 lbs of baby fat won’t budge.  I sweat like a man and have a bad habit of saying “dammit.”  I could eat cereal every meal and I probably have the most janky toes you have ever seen.

Let’s be friends.  But for real, let’s be friends.

And speaking of friends, this time around I have roped in a few of my best and brightest ones to contribute some of their hilarious and hot mess selves, for the betterment of us all.  You will love them.  But more on that later.


“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”  -Brené Brown



7 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Linda says:

    Whoop Whoop! Yours is one of the only mommy blogs I can stomach – is it OK that I said mommy blog? Hope so. Can’t wait to keep reading. I’m a fan.

  2. wittybee says:

    Amen. Please keep blogging about the uncomforts/realities of life. It’s nice to read something so relatable and honest. I often wonder if I’m alone in my thoughts on thigh clapping and self-deprecating humor, so virtual belly bump to you for putting it out there. I find your writing refreshing. 🙂

  3. wittybee says:

    Amen. Please keep blogging about the uncomforts/realities of life. It’s nice to read something so relatable and honest. I often wonder if I’m alone in my thought on thigh clapping and self-deprecating humor. So, virtual belly bump to you for continuing to write. I find it refreshing. 🙂

  4. Whitney says:

    Wish we lived closer!!! :))) Love you & glad you are writing again!!! ❤ The Jackson crew!

  5. katmelikian says:

    I have always loved your honesty. Glad to be catching back up on your life. 🙂

  6. […] this one’s easy.  I’ve kind of written about it before.  Mark Twain said to “write what you know,” and that’s really all I do here.  I […]

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