Parker’s No Good Awful Really Bad Weekend


June 17, 2013 by Heather

Friday night he fell while playing in the bathtub and busted both lips – top and bottom.  Got blood all over his favorite towel.

Before it happened, obviously.

Before it happened, obviously.


Saturday, he awoke from his morning nap BURNING UP with fever.  We ended up in the emergency room that afternoon because no urgent care places were open.  Turns out, he had a bad ear infection AND a yeast infection (yikes) on his boy parts.  We had been treating a diaper rash with some prescription cream and apparently all the constant moisture turned it into something worse.  This, of course, made me feel absolutely terrible.  That, and the ER doctor who kept rolling his eyes at Parker’s every cry.  That guy really needed slapped.

Poor baby.

Poor baby.


It was quite a weekend.  Last night he just laid in Andrew’s arms and watched a ballgame on TV for almost two hours.  He neeeevvvveeerrrr does that.  It was really sweet, especially since it was Father’s Day, but it was also pretty pitiful because he was running a 102° fever.  The fever broke today and he seemed to be almost back to his normal playful self.  We’re still drinking juice boxes though.  Because sick times call for juice boxes.

Have a V8.


That's more like it.

That’s more like it.


Happy Monday (night)!!!!!

P.S.  It’s triathlon week – aaaaahhhhhhhhh



One thought on “Parker’s No Good Awful Really Bad Weekend

  1. Ann Grummert says:

    Poor Parker! Poor mom and dad, what a weekend. Love to all of you! Miss you and think about you a lot!!!

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