the luckiest


June 18, 2013 by Heather


I took this picture of Andrew on Father’s Day from the bathroom window.  I’m a huge creep like that.  We were getting ready to go to his parents’ for lunch and I just happened to look out there and see him surveying the land.  We’ve put a lot of time and money into our raised garden beds this year, so he keeps a watchful eye on them – even though he likes to say that the garden is mine, as in “Your garden looks good today,” or, “If your garden produces at least one tomato I will consider it a success.”  I think he does that to protect himself from the possibility of garden failure.  My lack of a green thumb is kind of an ongoing joke ’round these parts.  So whenever I see him out looking at it I get a little nervous, kind of like when you happen to notice your teacher is grading YOUR test at her desk.  Not that he is grading me, but you know what I mean.  I want him to be impressed.  Some things never change, even after five years of marriage.

My husband is very private by nature.  I am pretty certain that he would not have Facebook (gasp) if it did not play such a big role in his job.  He’s the Director of Admissions at a college, and gosh darn it if those high schoolers don’t love them some Facebook.

So I try to respect his privacy by not saying much about him on here.  I, obviously, am the least private person in the world.  We balance each other out impeccably, and Praise Jesus for that.  Lord knows this girl needs some balancing.

I kind of get a kick out of all the (well-meaning) wives on Facebook and other social media outlets who will post a big long thing from time to time about how much they love their husbands and such.  How hardworking and handsome he is.  Great father to our babies, etc.  You know.

We got to bed kind of late last night for no good reason, really (Netflix).  But we laid there and laughed about nothing for a while.  Our home/marriage/family is filled with much laughter, and it is hands down my most favorite thing.  For all the stressful parts of everyday life – the sick babies, the long days at work, the ruts we get into – we still laugh with (and at) each other.

So to Andrew, who I know is reading this to make sure I don’t say anything too offensive to the masses, I want to say the following:

Thank you for always making me laugh and for always making me want to be better, while still loving me just exactly the way I am right now, no matter what.  Also thank you for the hundreds of dollars you’ve spent on MY garden.  I promise you will have at least one tomato from it, even if I have to go out there and sit on it like an egg to get it to ripen.  Thank you for putting up with me day in and day out, because I am 100% convinced that you are the only man on Earth who could do it so well and remain as sane and as patient as you are, every single day.  I know I shop too much and I complain about not getting enough romance and I sometimes still accidentally pass gas in front of you even when I know it grosses you out and I’m trying not to do it as much ok.  I’m a handful, and not in the good way.  You’re just so good at loving me, and loving Parker – which only makes me love you more.

You’re my hero, for always.  xoxo


{happy toozday}





2 thoughts on “the luckiest

  1. ACW says:

    You must be talking about a different Andrew than the one I know…

    Yours Forever,


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