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July 8, 2013 by Heather

We’ve been on the go for the past few weekends, and while it was a lot of fun, it is so good to have my suitcase completely unpacked and put away.  Time to settle in for a bit and enjoy summer at home.

Speaking of home, one of my favorite parts of coming home is watching Parker realize he is back on familiar ground.  I try so hard to make our house one that is comfortable and fun and very lived in – to make our house a home, as they say.  So to see Parker feel at home in this house makes me feel like I’ve maybe done at least something right.  Of course that may mean that he recognizes all the dirt and cat hair embedded in the carpet and remembers these are his floors, but nonetheless.  He knows he is home, and I like that.

Because when you’re at home you can do things like run around in your droopy diaper and pile up blankets on the floor and play with an old bottle and climb on that one chair you know you can climb on.



And you know what is behind all of those at-your-level kitchen cabinets, especially that one with the big pot and lid that glides so easily across the floor.  You also know where mama keeps the swiffer thing, which is the best toy ever.



You get to bathe in your tub with your shampoo and sleep in your own bed with fresh fuzzy blankets.

You also have fifteen loads of laundry to do.  Oh wait, I mean I also have fifteen loads of laundry to do.

Duty calls 🙂

Because it’s not easy, all this making-a-house-a-home business.


And P.S…. I’m not real sure what the heck is up with all these advertisement links.  I didn’t do it.


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