14 months

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July 17, 2013 by Heather

Dear Parker,

I’m lucky that you are only a year old because if you were any older you might have already realized that mama did not write you a letter last month.  You win some, you lose some, son.


Yesterday you turned 14 months old, waahooooo!  Before I had you, I always thought it was weird when people would say that their child was so-and-so many months old, instead of just saying, “She’s one,” or, “He’s two and a half.”  And I still think it’s kind of weird, but I do understand why they do that now.  It’s because you learn and grow so much from month to month!  Every time I write your monthly letter I think, man, he has changed so much since last month.  And this month is no different!


Everyone wants to know if you are walking yet.  You have walked, but it isn’t a regular thing.  You still prefer crawling.  I think the times you DO walk, you aren’t really realizing what you’re doing.  Because as soon as you see that you aren’t holding onto something, you sink to the floor and start crawling.  It’s ok.  Take your time.  The first time you walked towards me I cried like a child, so it’s good that we’re easing into it.  If you just started running around I might freak out.




You love to climb stuff – into the stroller, your old car seat that’s in the floor, up my leg, onto chairs, anything really.  And to be such a timid walker you have amazing balance!  You will stand up on your little motorcycle toy or stand up in your bed without holding on.  Pretty impressive stuff.


You still LOVE to eat, and you’ll eat almost anything I put on your tray.  Almost.  Your favorites right now are:  grilled chicken, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, black beans, carrots, peas, brussels sprouts, whole wheat noodles, pancakes, and scrambled eggs.  You also love Chex Mix, marshmallows, yogurt melts, and frozen yogurt.  We have started a club called FroYo Fridays, me and you.  We should get t-shirts made.


YOU TALK SO MUCH.  Seriously, the sounds you make are absolutely hilarious.  Sometimes it sounds like you are yodeling.  You know “cat” and “bye-bye” (with a wave) and “ball.”  You also like to “woof” whenever Mayfield barks.  You laugh all the time and sometimes it is more of a growl-laugh and you’ll cover your mouth with your hand.  So funny.


I was looking forward to playing outside a lot with you this summer, but the mosquitoes have been so incredibly bad that we’ve just been staying in most of the time.  The mosquitoes LOVE you.  I chase you around every night with a q-tip and calamine lotion.  We put a little fan up above your bed to try to keep them away, but every morning you wake up with new bites.  I’m ready for Fall.




The other night, dad and I were talking about life before you.  The times when we could just up and go on a whim and things like that.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it sometimes.  We finished our conversation, and the next thing I knew he had gone and gotten you out of bed (at 11pm) and was holding you while you slept on his shoulder.  We wouldn’t change a thing, son.  Because even though you kind of threw a kink in our adventurous get-up-and-go spirit for a moment, you are the absolute light of our lives.


I love you so much, my sweet Parks.

Love Always,




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