Me and Kate, two peas in a pod

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July 26, 2013 by Heather

I don’t know about you, but I am a total fan of the Royal Family.  They are so mysterious, so cool, so pulled together.  Of course, all of those things may be major facades, but I don’t care.  I find them fascinating.

I totally set my alarm for 3am on that April morning a couple of years ago, brewed some coffee, and watched the whole entire wedding on my computer.  I even cried.  If there had been a live streaming video of the birth, I totes would’ve watched that too.

But I must admit – I did feel sorry for Princess Kate when she had to greet the throngs of people and press outside her hospital wing just one day after giving birth.  There’s a video of it somewhere, and girlfriend looks so fresh and vibrant!  I just wonder what she was thinking and feeling.  I think I can speak for most mothers when I say that for the first year couple months of motherhood you feel pretty Hoover Dam disgusting.  Stuff is oozing out everywhere, nothing fits, you’re tired and don’t want to be touched.  Kate was so chic though, my gosh.  I did read that she had a stylist and hair dresser pay a visit right before she and Will and baby prince made their debut.  So that is good to know.

Dumb old me, I bought a dress to wear home from the hospital in the size that I wore before I got pregnant.  I really, truly thought it would fit.  Newsflash:  that sucker still doesn’t fit.  But golly I was determined to wear it home, since I bought it specifically for that purpose.  It took a very long time and a lot of wincing and wiggling to get that dress to fit my bloated post-C-section self.  Let’s just say I didn’t look quite as fancy free as the Princess.

But whether you live in a palace or in a mud hut, a new baby is a new baby.  The miracle of life.  Some perhaps a little more privileged than others, but a miracle nonetheless.


I might have been better off trying to wear one of the doctor's latex gloves home.

I might have been better off trying to wear one of the doctor’s latex gloves home.





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