beans & yoga*

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July 30, 2013 by Heather

*This, by the way, is only a good combo when you are alone.

Andrew left a few hours ago to pick his dad up at the airport, so it’s just us chickens tonight until he gets back.  Us chickens, of course, being myself, Parker, Mayfield, and December.  A motley crew indeed.

He stopped on the way for dinner, leaving me to make one of my favorite Secret Single Behavior dinners, a little delicacy I like to call a “Bean Bowl.”  Andrew doesn’t like beans.  I myself love the magical fruit.

Bean Bowl  -serves one lonely wife-

1 cup of canned black beans, rinsed
a glug of salsa
taco seasoning
garlic salt
lime juice (optional)
cheddar cheese
half an avocado
fat free sour cream

Heat up the salsa and beans in a small pan.  Generously sprinkle taco seasoning and garlic salt on them, along with a squirt of lime juice.  Pour in bowl.  Top with cheese, avocado, sour cream, and more lime juice & pepper.  If you have chips, great.  Serve with another little delicacy called lime water.  We’re fancy.


I got up this morning to exercise but it was raining.  Soooo I thought, I’ll do some yoga inside.  Newsflash:  It is really, really hard to do yoga in the morning.  Even harder, I think, than running in the morning.  I did it for 6 minutes and then got back in bed with a cup of coffee.  After my Bean Bowl tonight I was feeling awful bloated so I decided to meet back up with my girl Sadie right where we left off this morning, mid-down-dog.

Sadie, please show me the move that will reduce my quadruple chin.

Sadie, please show me the move that will reduce my quadruple chin.  Also, notice the fireworks on my head.  Nope, wait, those are bangs.


So that’s my night.  About to go shower and drink some apple cider while I read muh booky book.  Yes, apple cider.  Since it’s October and everything.




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