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August 8, 2013 by Heather

Is it already August?  Man.  I can just smell the fresh pencils and new back-to-school jeans.  I was at the store recently and saw crayons for 50 cents.  FIFTY CENTS!  Totes bought two boxes for myself.  And, apparently, for Mayfield because she likes to eat them and then color our backyard with her rainbow bowel movements.  Dog art.  It reminds me of the time a mouse got into my oil paints in college and ate through some tubes and left little brightly colored droppings all over my corner of the studio.  True story.


So, I bought this book for a dollar at Goodwill.  Published in 1975, Oleda Baker is full of insight and wisdom on all things marriage and womanly.  I feel so complete after reading it.  I’ve learned so much about how to be a wife.  Mrs. Baker even offers beauty tips, such as this little nugget:

“Whatever you do, don’t let your husband be exposed to your beauty treatment!  (I like Steve [her husband] to think it’s natural beauty.)  If you need extra oil on your skin, give yourself a treatment while he is at work.  If you only have nights to do it, keep your oil or cream under your pillow so you can apply it after the lights are off.  It only takes a second and you don’t really need the light (pg. 124).”

Like I said, so much wisdom for the modern day woman.


That feller up there finished his (doctoral) summer term classes last month with an A and a B!  I’m telling you, my husband is the smartest, hardest working guy I know.  He’s so smart.  Thank goodness, because I’m missing a few fries if you know what I mean.


Our sunflowers are HUUUUUGGGEEEE and they have all opened up!  So pretty.


We had a full backseat one afternoon last week.  As you can see, Parker stole Tina from Harper and she was not happy about it.  I’m not sure exactly what kind of animal Tina is, but girlfriend sure does cause some strife between cousins.


Harper spent the night and we had many lessons about how to share.  Many.


I did some major closet purging and let me tell you, it felt GOOD.  It took the better part of an afternoon, but I got rid of so much stuff that just never worked for me, even before I had a baby.  Wrong color, fit, etc.  I put some stuff in storage that might work later.  I put my maternity clothes in a box for later.  (No Mom, not pregnant).  And I was left with only the clothes I love and wear often.  It makes getting dressed much more fun.


This little runt helped me put up laundry and fold and re-fold the towels.  Actually that’s a lie, they all just got shoved back in the cabinet.


Parker got a vacuum cleaner, or a “vroom vroom” as he likes to call it.  Our floors have never been cleaner, y’all.  Hannah and I went to Rhea Lana’s last weekend and I promised Parker I would get him a vacuum if I found one.  I went straight to the toy section and BAM, vacuum, $7.  SOLD.  He loves it.


After spending an hour and a half going through baby clothes and toys at Rhea Lana’s, we went to Ihop for waffles and pancakes and bathroom selfies.  So hot.


Here’s Parker again, just in case you forgot what he looked like.


Oh yeah, we got this cool new house plant called “Really Old Sweet Potato.”


This happened last night.  I’m not sure if she’s fully recovered from the trauma.


aaaannnndddd…… WE GOT A TRAMPOLINE!  Because why get a treadmill when you can get a trampoline?  I mean really.  It is such a workout, and it is so fun.  I have made up some trampercises and I do those and then work on my flips and then do more trampercises.  It’s like Prancercizing except without all the, uh, tight pants on the lady-bits, if you know what I’m getting at.  At least I hope there’s none of that.

I’ll leave you with this:

IMG 5501 from Heather Watson on Vimeo.




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