15 months

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August 19, 2013 by Heather

Dear Parker,

I need to let you in on a little secret: 

This is my favorite stage yet


You are so expressive and hilarious.  Your personality, son, is top notch.  I could not have dreamed up a better little boy.  I look at you sleeping in your crib every night and always think, 1) I can’t believe I’ve taken care of another human being for this long and actually done an ok job, and 2) How is he so wonderful????  Thank you, Lord, for this sweet blessing.

Not to say that you don’t drive us nuts, because you do.  It’s ok though. 


People always warned me that the poo would hit the fan once you started walking, but I could not disagree more with that ridiculous assumption.  You walking is, like, my most favorite thing ever.  It is so darn cute.  SO DARN CUTE, and it makes playtime and going-out-time so fun.  Of course it makes some things a little more difficult – like keeping you contained or out of the dog food or trying to get a picture that doesn’t come out as a total blur – but overall, it’s freaking awesome. 


You’ve started really liking to be read to, just in the past couple of weeks.  I was worried that you would never get into it, but lo and behold… we read a pile of books everyday.  I use the word “read” loosely, because sometimes we only make it through half of a book before you are reaching for another one.  It warms my heart every time you come waddling up to me with a book in your tiny hand.


Sometimes I just flip through the pages and let you look at the pictures while I breath in the smell of your head.  And other times, in order to make it through a whole book, I summarize what’s going on so we can actually finish one.  Your favorite books are:  Where’s Spot?, Farm Friends, One Bear Lost, Goodnight Gorilla, and Corduroy Goes to the Doctor.  You really, really love any book with animals in it, especially cats.  You say “meow, meow” in a high pitched voice and kiss the page it’s on.  Ooooh you are weird sometimes.  I love it.


Your favorite food is still blueberries.  You call them “bloom blooms.”  Your other favorite food is probably black beans.  So basically your poop is always pretty dark due to your diet.  I know you wanted to know that.  You’ll also eat guacamole from a spoon, which totally grosses your dad out.


Sweet child, how you can DANCE.  Your main move is to stick your chest out and swing your arms around like a helicopter.  Pretty sweet move if you ask me. 

We’ve also been trying to work on some social skills. 


You and I – we like to stay in and keep to ourselves sometimes.  So our new thing is to hang out with friends and just get out of the dang house, even if that means throwing a quilt in the stroller and sitting in the middle of campus to watch the maintenance guys mow (strange fact: you LOVE watching people do yard work).  Then if it turns into what I like to call a “nature walk,” woohoo!  Look at us, out and about.


I had a dream last night that you were about to start kindergarten.  We got your school packet in the mail that had your teacher’s name in it (Mrs. Robertson?) and said when open house was going to be (but we had missed it, which totally rocked your control freak of a mother’s world).  In my dream I just cried and cried.  I hope I am not that emotional when the actual time comes, but who knows.  When I woke up I laid there for a while and thought, Someday that will really happen.  Someday you will have a first-day-of-school photo taken on the front porch with your new shoes and new backpack on.  I’ll send you off with a lunch that will have a note written on the napkin, like my mom always did.  I will spend the whole day wishing I was a fly on the wall in your class – watching you learn things and meet new friends.  Watching you be a little scared, probably, and wishing I wasn’t just a fly so I could pull you in my lap and smell your head and tell you it’s all ok, it’s all great, actually.

But that’s not today.  Today I lifted my 15-month-old out from his crib and you laid your head on my shoulder.  I closed my eyes and thanked God that you weren’t really starting kindergarten today.  You’re still my sweet baby. 

But you know, I think that even when you are in college, you’ll still be that. 


Love Always,






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