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September 9, 2013 by Heather

In my younger days (heh), I always imagined myself having daughters.  Maybe because I am quite girlish myself, I don’t know.  But for whatever reason I just figured when I had a baby it would be a girl.  I know girl stuff, I like girl stuff, so in my head I was made to mother girls.

But not playing cars and trucks every morning?  Complete with grunts and growls and vroom vrooms?  I can’t even imagine that world.



I was made to mother this boy.  He looks just like his handsome daddy from head to toe, all except for one thing – those eyes.  Those “dark pools” as a sweet old lady once called them, those eyes are mine.  He drives me crazy and there are days when I desperately need to not be needed for even just ten minutes, but my goodness.

Thank You Jesus for that boy and his dark pools.


Also, Jesus, thank you for baby-sized khaki pants.  They kill me.  Kill.  Me.


And that’s not to say that someday I won’t have that daughter I dreamed of back in the day (four of them, if I remember my 14-year-old dreams correctly).  You certainly never know what can happen.  Of course before that does happen – if it happens (no, Mom, not pregnant) – I need to buy stock in big girl panties so I can double up on them everyday.

I need to sign off of here before I start freaking out about things that aren’t even happening yet.  Oh gracious.








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