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September 19, 2013 by Heather

The Parkster and I went on a short work trip with Andrew this week.  Left Monday, got home yesterday.  I kept going back and forth on whether or not we’d go with him… Sunday afternoon I said, “Ok, final decision, P and I will stay here.”  Then Monday morning I was packing a suitcase and a bag of toys and snacks.  I may have a few decision-making issues.

We had a good time.  If you know me and Andrew well, you know that road trips are not really our finest moments, relationship-wise.  It took us about 4 years to realize this… so now we know that it’s best to just not talk when we’re in the car for more than an hour.  Those 18 hour car trips back and forth to Colorado, well, let’s just say Praise Jesus for books on CD.

Some conversation snippets to give you an example of why we should just keep our mouths shut…

(we passed a sign for a freshwater pearl museum at the next exit)
A:  Oh yeah, I think I read once that Tennessee has the largest supply of freshwater pearls in the U.S. -side note here:  my husband is full of random facts.  I try to be, too.
H:  (trying to sound all sarcastic-intellectual to impress smart husband)  Psh.  That’s dumb.  I mean, it’s a totally land-locked state.
A:  Uhh, they have a lot of rivers.  They’re freshwater pearls…

Unlucky for him, I was putting my makeup on.  So I stabbed him with my mascara.

Take that, smart guy.

Take that, smart guy.

Another loving, marital moment while driving through Memphis:

H:  Oh, I think the little shop where I got my wedding dress is around here somewhere.
A:  That’s cool.  Where is your dress at anyway?
H:  In the back of my closet.  I actually tried it on the other day and IT ZIPPED.  It was totally rib-crushing, but it zipped.
A:  Wasn’t it always kind of snug like that?
H:  You need to shut up and focus on driving.
A:  Noooo, I mean, aren’t they supposed to be tight?

Lord bless his sweet dumb ol’ self.

Then there’s this kid, who loves hotels just like his mama:

We didn't quite make it to the hotel pool, but turns out that the bathtub is just as entertaining sometimes.

We didn’t quite make it to the hotel pool, but turns out that the bathtub is just as entertaining sometimes.  At least when you’re 1.

This became their "thing."  Do you think I could find a cheap luggage cart on Craigslist...? Ha.

This became their “thing.” Do you think I could find a cheap luggage cart on Craigslist…? Ha.

So it was fun.  Always nice to get away, even just for a couple days.  It shows me that I don’t have to be such a control-scheduled-freakazoid mom.  Well I don’t know if we should go because it might screw up his sleep schedule and I’ll have to bring a cooler to keep some milk in and this and that.  Sometimes I literally have to like pry open my brain and be like, hey, moron, chill out.  Kids are so much more flexible and adaptable than we (or I) give them credit for.

Speaking of kids, Parker turned 16 months on the 16th!  Big Stuff McGruff.

Also, news flash:  THE FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN IS THIS WEEKEND OK.  My most favorite season.  I think everyone I know is beyond ready for it.  I wanted to buy a big fat pumpkin last time I was at the store but I refrained… this weekend, though, I think I just might have to put a couple in my cart.  I’m also going to work on a Fall Bucket List.  That’s sounds so Pinteresty doesn’t it?  Ugh, Pinterest.  Get outta here.

Happy Thursday.


P.S.  If you’re in a reflective mood, check out this post from one year ago today.  Today marks two years since I stared at a positive pregnancy test in our tiny bathroom in Colorado.  Ah, mammaries.  I mean memories.


2 thoughts on “work trip family funsies

  1. Sarah says:

    oh how I love your posts! And honesty. B and I happen to be great road trippers, but we have our own marital faults in other areas. You look great and I love that last photo of you and P. Frame it.

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