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October 1, 2013 by Heather

A book was published in 2011 called A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life, by Bethenny Frankel.  For those of you who are not familiar with Ms. Frankel, she was on The Real Housewives of New York for a while then wrote a few books and launched a line of low-calorie drink mixers.  She just got her own talk show.

I always thought she had a really cool face shape.  But that’s neither here nor there.

So, her book about saying yes.  Actually I don’t know what it’s about, but I assume it has something to do with that.  Andrew is always encouraging me to jump at every single opportunity that presents itself.  Someone invites me to to this, someone asks if I’ll do that, do I want to go to here or there on such and such day.  He is the first to be like, “Yeah you will!  Tell them yes!  Gotta take these kinds of opportunities!”  He is a total go-getter, which is actually pretty wonderful (balances out my non-go-getterness).  And I love him for supporting and encouraging me like that, but I have to say, we are on completely different planets sometimes… and this area is one of those times.

Lately I just find myself wanting to say no to everything, and not just drugs.  It’s like my winter hibernation mode has set in early this year and all I want to do is hunker down at home with my boys and eat carbohydrates and watch Netflix in my stretchy pants.  Of course there are days where I’m pulling my hair out and want to run out the door screaming, but for the most part, I just want to hang out here.

Because it kind of sucks when you commit to something or go somewhere and it’s like, man, why did I say I’d do this?  Not that I’ve ever felt like that.  Just saying.

And I know as our family grows (not pregnant, Mom) it will only get more busy (busier?).  I see families who have like five different activities every night of the week, and I just want to be like, “Really?  Do you enjoy that?”  It seems stressful.  Even all the church stuff that is good and holy… sometimes it seems like there is way too much of it going on, to the point where it’s frustrating, you know?

And gosh darn it, we live in a world where Pinterest and everyone is saying that we should be doing this and going to that and our kids should be involved in a zillion different things while wearing a homemade chevron wreath covered in pumpkins around their necks.  It’s almost like we’re setting ourselves up to fail, trying to do all of this stuff.

I’m awful ranty today aren’t I?  Watch out world.

All that to say… if you ask me to do something or go somewhere with you and I say no, don’t be too offended.  And if you are offended, well, then I guess you’re offended.  Can’t please ’em all.  Which is a whole other post – maybe even a sub-post of this post.  Whoa.

I am, however, glad that I said yes to this past weekend:

(even though, to be totes honest, I said no first..and Andrew told me to go)

There was much laughter.  And good coffee.

There was much laughter. And good coffee.  AND, OH MY GOSH.  AND.  THERE WAS ALSO TED DANSON AT THE SAME RESTAURANT AS US.  I stared at him so freaking creepily the entire time, mouth ajar.


There was also new baby celebrating!  Always fun.

There was also new baby celebrating! Always fun.  I have the best friends.


Listen, I’ll tell you something I should’ve said no to, and that is having my dang toenail taken off.  Four hundred bucks later and all I have is a lot of throbbing pain and a nail bed that looks like an old man’s denture-less gums or something.  Hottest Feet Ever.

Happy Tuesday.  Don’t forget to say no to something today.



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