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October 9, 2013 by Heather

We’ve been trying to eat healthier ’round these parts, kind of like everyone else, I guess (aside from the half of a pizza I put AWAY the other night, oops).  Just you know, more veggies and proteins and such.  So far so good.  I’ve also dropped down from 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning to just 1, and then after that I have hot water with lemon.  Basically, hot water with lemon is like my electronic cigarette.  Makes me feel like I’m doing what I’m used to doing.

It’s kind of amazing how your body will clue you in on things it doesn’t super-love if you just pay attention to it.  For example, that extra cup of coffee in the morning makes my heart RACE and makes my head feel really foggy (but that first cup is vital to my very existence).  Also, pretty much anything with wheat or starchy stuff in it makes me feel huge and lethargic and just more hungry.  Interesting.

I sound so annoying don’t I?  All listen-to-your-body-eat-more-kale junk.  Don’t pay attention to me.  I mean, I ate half of a pizza the other night.  Standing up in the kitchen by myselfAnd I’d do it again.  Don’t let the obnoxious previous two paragraphs fool you.


A really easy way to cram some fruits and veggies down your hole is to make a smoothie.  We’ve tried the juicing thing… Andrew really likes fruit/vegetable juices.  Me, not so much.  I’d rather have the exact same stuff in smoothie form.

P.S.  Why isn’t it spelled smoothy?  I feel like the -ie on the end is weird.

I’ve written on here before about my most fav smoothie, the Green Monster:

1/2 banana
3/4 cup milk of choice
handful frozen strawberries
3 cups raw spinach and/or kale leaves

Blend, blend, blend, friend.

Mr. Parker is a big fan of going to smoothie town.  Can’t believe I just typed that.  ANYWAY.  He totally hates the blender but he’s coming around to it because he knows what the blender means.  Creamy deliciousness.

He likes it so much he wouldn't even let me pry it out of his tiny hand so I could get a pic of his & hers.

He wouldn’t even let me pry it out of his tiny hand so I could get a pic of his & hers.


We’ve had one everyday this week.  Good stuff.

For his, I fill his cup halfway with straight smoothie and then the rest of the way with milk and give it a stir.

Speaking of Mr. Parker, he is waking up from a nap.  Happy Humpday!


bottoms up.

bottoms up.




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