we finally went to the zoo

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October 14, 2013 by Heather

We wanted to go to the zoo all summer but it was too dang hot.  So we went this past Saturday when it rained all. day. long.  But – I’d rather be a little chilly and soaked from the rain than be burning up and soaked with sweat.  Of course a nice, crisp, sunny fall day would have been fantastic.. but our weather forecasting was a little off when we decided to go ahead and make the hour and a half trip to the zoo Saturday morning.  It sure looked like the rain was going to completely skip us while we were there.  No way dude.  We were pretty drenched.  Oh well, we had fun and made some good memories.  As was expected, Parker loved all of the animals and wanted to be held the entire time so he could get a better view.  I loved seeing his reaction to everything.  I know he won’t remember going to the zoo when he was seventeen months old, but I will never forget the way he breathed “Weeeoooooww” whenever the sea lions jumped out of the water.







So, Andrew sometimes randomly takes really amazing pictures like this one.

So, Andrew sometimes randomly takes really amazing pictures like this one.  Looks like something in a calendar, am I right??






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