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October 22, 2013 by Heather

…Today is our cat’s 5th birthday.  Her name is December and she is a luscious feline specimen if e’er there was one.

A very Halloween pose, don't you think?

A very Halloween pose, don’t you think?

…Today also marks 7 years that Andrew and I have been boyfriend and girlfriend.  It actually happened on a Tuesday.  The very next day, on Wednesday, I dressed up as Scary Spice for our school’s Harvest Fest.  Andrew was running sound at it (dressed in gym shorts and a t-shirt) and barely said one word to me the whole night except for, “Uhh, what are you supposed to be??”  My costume was effective, I guess, because it scared him to the point of keeping his distance and pretty much acting like he didn’t know me.  Thanks, babe.  Good thing it didn’t scare him too much.

I often take naps on his strong man shoulder.

I often take naps on his strong man shoulder.

…But.  BUT.  Maybe more than all of those previous things, today will go down in history as The Day That My Freaking Pre-Pregnancy Jeans Finally Buttoned.  My $160 most favorite wear-with-anything jeans that I just knew would never be wearable again… I pulled them out of storage today, hopes high, and those suckers BUTTONED.  They BUTTONED, without help from a hair-tie or spanx.




Granted, there was a moderate amount of muffin top and I’m not entirely certain that sitting down or bending over in them or would be a wise decision right now, or even an option.  I’m also not going to be lounging around the house in them today because they are so comfy or anything either.  But that’s not the point.  The point, friends, is that those mothers buttoned.

And the angles rejoiced.

Happy Tuesday!


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