The Shift

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November 4, 2013 by Heather

Don’t tell my husband, but I’m listening to Christmas music right now.  AND drinking some apple cider.  Andrew has some pretty strong feelings about keeping the holidays all very separate from each other, and for the most part I agree.  Let’s let Thanksgiving have its time to shine, you know?  It kind of gets shoved in between all the Halloween/Christmas hullabaloo, almost like it’s just a speed bump before all the actual holiday splendor.  It’s the middle child of the holidays.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally get why some people put up their Christmas trees this weekend.  You go to so much trouble to deck the halls, so why not deck those suckers early?  You won’t see me rolling my eyes at any sparkly lights that may already be hung.

But there is something really special about waiting to put up the tree until that weekend after Thanksgiving.  Maybe it’s how I was raised, maybe it’s because I’m married to The Separation of Thanksgiving and Christmas, who knows.  Either way, we wait.  Except for my music rebellion that’s currently happening.  The She & Him Christmas album is just too good to wait.  I’m sorry honey.

I went to WalMart for diapers, etc., on Halloween night after Parker was in bed and all the trick-or-treaters had gotten their candy.  I walked in, still wearing my cat ears, and had a chuckle or two at all the high schoolers walking around the store in their costumes.  In a small town, walking around WalMart equals good clean fun.  It is what it is.

I wandered around for maybe 30 minutes just looking at random stuff, and by the time I finished, IT WAS CHRISTMAS.  I’m talking garland strung from check-out line to check-out line, peppermint candles on display, Christmas cards out.  Holiday baking kits on the ends of aisles.  The works.

I called Hannah on my way home and told her about The Shift.  I totally felt it happen, outwardly and inwardly.  It was Halloween when I walked in and Christmas when I walked out.  Bam.  So weird.

Also weird was this thought I had while in the store:  “Maybe I’ll ask for a Swiffer Wet Jet for Christmas.”

What?  WHO AM I????

Happy Monday, and Happy Early Thanksgiving.



In other news, we have family photos tomorrow afternoon with Kathryn and I am really, really excited.  Probably a little too excited.  I might need to calm way down before then so that I don’t come across as a raging lunatic in the pictures.



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