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November 5, 2013 by Heather

Oh man, that title makes me think of the 90’s Dishwalla song “Counting Blue Cars.”

Except my song would be all like,


(Just imagine me moving my hand up and down with the various notes, Andy Bernard style.  Ask my friends and family, this is how I sing.)


So I have kind of fallen into this less-than-Pinterest-ideal way of doing laundry.  You know how Pinterest (ugh, Pinterest) has all those daily chore charts where you do this in the morning, this in the evening, this weekly, and scrub your baseboards monthly?  Yeah, I’m calling Big Fat Baloney on that mess.  One of the do-everyday things is to wash/dry/fold/put away a load of laundry.  Meh.

Here is what I’ve been doing for the past however long:
Monday – wash & dry load of laundry, put it in our bedroom floor.
Tuesday – wash & dry load of laundry, put it in our bedroom floor.
Wednesday – wash & dry load of laundry, put it in our bedroom floor.
Thursday – wash & dry load of laundry, put it in our bedroom floor.
Friday – wash & dry load of laundry, put it in our bedroom floor.
Saturday – psh, laundry?  what’s laundry?

At first I was like, man, this is so dumb and I am really sucking at life because this massive pile of clothes is ridiculous looking and is totes ruining the whole zen-calm thing we have going on in our bedroom.

But after a few weeks I decided maybe it wasn’t so bad.  I mean, the clothes are clean and dry (albeit a tad wrinkly, whatevs), and instead of spending 20 minutes every night folding/putting away stuff, I get to hang out with Andrew.  The hour-long folding party on Sunday night is more ideal for my podcast listening anyway, because they are exactly an hour long.  PLUS, Parker likes to run and jump on the pile for mid-day entertainment throughout the week.

It’s like this:  I can either do a little bit of awfulness full-out laundry every single day, or I can do the part that isn’t so bad everyday and then just know that come Sunday night that mess is going down, but it’s not so awful because I get to listen to a whole podcast.  And Andrew is usually watching football then anyway.

It’s what works for me right now.

I’m curious, what works for you guys?  Does anyone actually follow a Pinterest-style chore schedule?

P.S.  I am currently on sabbatical from homemade laundry detergent.  Gain just smells so freaking good after you’ve been using Fels-Naptha for a year and a half.  Ah, the lap of luxury.  That’s where I live.


P.S.  (It’s family picture day, and I ate so much cheese last night that I feel kind of disgusting today.  Anyone who says a cauliflower pizza crust equals healthy pizza is a liar, because what you lose in carbs you make up for in piles of mozzarella.  Crossing my fingers that I am not so bloated and gross come this afternoon.)



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