with hips wide open

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November 8, 2013 by Heather

It’s such a gorgeous fall day here.  Nice and brisk.

Before I dove into my Nap Time To-Do List this morning, I made myself do 20 minutes of yoga, and I’m so glad I did.  Something about doing yoga on a Friday makes me feel really good.  Yoga on a Monday is more of “Hey, look at me starting the week off right and feeling super motivated after not doing anything all weekend.”  But when you do it on a Friday… I don’t know, it just feels good.  Kind of like you are just letting go of all the tension from the week and welcoming the weekend with freshly opened hips and a more, uh, supple sacrum.  Wait, what?

One of the top five things I miss about living in Fort Collins is the access we had to a number of yoga classes (and spin classes) at the gym right down from where we lived.  There is no such thing here in the cornfields, BUT there is YouTube, and I can work with that.

side note:  our gym was next door to Whole Foods, so a lot of times we’d go to a class then go eat all of their fancy food samples.  shh.

Do yourself a favor sometime today:  light a candle, roll out a mat, and open those hips.  This is my favorite YouTube yoga lady – Sadie Nardini.  And this is one of my favorite videos she does because it is short and sweet and ends with a crow pose.

Onto those chores.  Happy Weekend!!!

Namaste 🙂


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