the ol’ hand turkey trick

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November 15, 2013 by Heather

This post is kind of a humble brag post.  Which kind of grosses me out, but whatever.  You know, like “oh, it’s not a big deal, but look at this neat thing I did.”  Kind of like when celebrities say they have zero discipline and never work out but, oh, look at how my hip bones jut out.  Mmhmm.

Parker and I made a craft yesterday.  He is too young to be set free with his own set of watercolors or even crayons (he eats them), but dang it, I wanted to do a craft.  So I got it all set up, took his clothes off, and strapped him into the booster seat I got off the side of the road on trash day a while back.  A controlled craft atmosphere.  A craftmosphere.  Heh, heh.  No?  Ok.  Sorry.


I didn’t have any brown paint, so I had to mix some green and red together to get what looked like a good turkey color.  (See, Andrew?  I AM using that art degree we’re still paying for!  See???)  It ended up looking like straight poo-poo, which I didn’t realize until he slapped his hand on the paper (“Parker!  Give me a high five!”) and I got this:


It looked like he’d either A) squished a Hershey’s kiss in his hand for too long, or B) shoved his hand down the back of his diaper.  A few more tries and we got some successful turkey bods:


I’d paint and re-paint his hand with a foam brush (“Oooooo wooowww”) and he’d high five the paper and laugh.  It was a lot of fun.


(Oh hello, half-eaten Parker lunch)

Later on I turned the better looking ones into some little “cards” to be mailed to a few close relatives we won’t get to see during Thanksgiving.


Kind of cute, right?  We were pretty proud of them 😉

Of course, you can’t win at everything… for example, our wall of thanks:


Yes, that’s only November 3rd you see filled out.  And yes, I am on a banner-drawing kick because I just learned a couple weeks ago how to do them.  I need to take all the notecards down and put the photos back that were there before.  Or make one big card that says “We are thankful that we are so busy with our wonderful life that we don’t have time or energy or the brain space to remember to fill out our grateful card everyday!”

Happy Friday!!  Anyone else have something cool they’d like to humble brag about?

“Choose to be optimistic.  It feels better.”  – Dalai Lama XIV


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