18 months

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November 21, 2013 by Heather

Dear Parker,

Real talk:  You (and the dog) are kind of driving me up the wall already today.  And no matter what I do I cannot seem to catch up on housework stuff, which seems kind of ridiculous since I’m home all day.  I almost put writing this post off another day so I could get a few things accomplished around here and, oh, I don’t know, maybe be able to walk more than two feet without stepping on something.  But you’ve been 1 1/2 for 6 days now.  Time to document.


This past month you got pretty sick dude.  It was not fun, and completely wiped you out for about a week.  Halloween was not super joyful around these parts, but you sure did look cute walking around the house in your costume.


Since it didn’t get too chilly until about a week ago, we have played outside a lot.  You LOVE it.  Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I’m so thankful we have a nice fenced in backyard for you to roam in, wild and free.  Playing in the dirt is your favorite.  You really enjoy transferring dirt from one thing to another, like from a flower pot to a different flower pot or to your dump truck.  It’s all very methodical and sweet.  I enjoy watching it.



You are so vocal now!  You say all sorts of things – some understandable and some not.  You can do the sounds of pretty much any farm animal.  You know a lot of your body parts.  One of my favorite things you say is “tractor.”


Here’s what your day typically looks like right now:

8am – wake up, have breakfast
8:30-10am – play inside, watch cartoons, read books, jump on couch
10am-12:30pm – NAP!!!!! (you only take one nap now)
12:45pm – lunch
1:15-4:30pm – man, we just play our hearts out.  Sometimes we go to the library, to the store, on a walk.  Around 4:15 I speed clean before Andrew gets home from work.
4:30pm – Andrew gets home, and your whole world is just sunshine and rainbows.
5pm – dinner for you
5:30pm – bubble bath time (last week you pooped in the tub, cool)
6-6:30ish – play, read, watch Baby Einstein
6:30-7pm – sometime in there you go to bed and Andrew and I high-five (we made it!)
7pm – the adults have dinner and go about their evening


Sometimes around 3pm you start to get fussy.  A couple of weeks ago I had the brilliant idea that you could have a “rest time” in your crib with some books for about an hour in the afternoons.  It worked out great for two days until you started eating your books.  No more solitary reading time, at least for now.  Sorry pal.  Don’t eat books.


Speaking of eating, you are getting really good at using a spoon.  It’s still a bit of a mess but you’ve got the hang of it.  Forks don’t really work so well for you right now.  You get frustrated and just smear everything all over the high chair and your hair.


Black bean soup is one of our favorites.

You really enjoy playing in the kitchen.  Sometimes the only way I can get stuff done in there is if I just let you play along.  In the end the entire kitchen is usually on the floor, but that’s ok.  You have a big time pouring alphabet magnets from bowl to bowl.


My sweet, sweet boy.  You are so energetic and playful and hilarious.  I love watching your wild personality develop everyday as you become this incredible little boy instead of my tiny baby.  The holidays are coming up!  I think Santa has a thing or two up his sleeve that you might like.  I’m curious to see how you react to the Christmas tree.  But first – Thanksgiving!!  You will get to eat all the wonderful food this year!  Mmm, pie and turkey.  We will be in Atlanta for the whole week and I’m just so excited about it.


I love you, Parker Peach.  From your head down to your toes, I love you.


Love Always,






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