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December 5, 2013 by Heather

I’m still here!

Enjoying disconnecting for a little bit.  Seems like everyone wants to be known lately in some way or another.. reality shows, blogs, 11 Random Things You Don’t Know About Me statuses, Instagramming every single moment.  It’s almost like if you don’t post about it or snap a picture it didn’t even happen, you know?  It’s annoying, is what it is.

I’m slowing down.  Simplifying.  Being in the moment instead of capturing it on my phone or in a witty blog post.  Opening my heart and mind to some moments of peace and quiet this Christmas season.

We’re so prone to doing too much (especially this time of year).  For me, it can cause a friggin brick load of anxiety.  And that’s no fun.  Peace and quiet.  Yes, that sounds very nice.

Speaking of peace and quiet, looks like we might get a little bit of that ’round these parts with all the ice that’s headed our way.  Yikes.  I’d much rather have a big heaping pile of snow than an inch of ice.

Stay warm!

Happy Thursday 🙂



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