Silent Night

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December 24, 2013 by Heather

Andrew and I just finished drinking spiced tea and putting together Parker’s Christmas gifts while watching The Office.  The child has little patience, so instead of wrapping his toys we decided it would be better (at least for this year) for them to be out and set up, ready for play.  There’s a big red barn with animals and tractors, a big floppy stuffed elephant, and a little red wooden rocking chair that was mine when I was a little girl and my mom’s before that.  I recovered the seat in it and I know Parker will love having his own chair.

I remember growing up hearing Mom and Dad putting stuff together on Christmas Eve.  Us kids would be in bed – sometimes piled up in one room – and we could hear them in the living room.  I have memories of Christmas music playing and some sort of tool being used, a drill maybe.  Hearing them laughing.  I have very fond memories of childhood Christmases.

Last year Parker wasn’t old enough to get into the holidays.  And while he’s still kind of young to really understand what’s going on, he has been so expressive and excited about the gifts he’s received.  He oooooh’s and aaaahh’s and says woooow!  I just love watching his little face react to everything.

Let us not forget the reason for the season!  I know that is pounded into our brains, but it’s true.  Jesus came into this world so quietly.  Sometimes when the busy-ness of the holidays start to get to me I like to imagine the three of them – Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus – snuggled together in some stable listening to the animals grunt and snort.  The mother in me tends to wonder what Mary must have been thinking and feeling.  She must have been so exhausted but also in total awe, like moms are after giving birth.  Hmm.


Merry Christmas.


the front of our card this year


and the back.

and the back.


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