Resolutions, maybe.

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December 29, 2013 by Heather

Is it New Year’s resolutions or New Year resolutions?  Who even knows.  I’m leaning towards the ‘s one.

I think last year I resolved to be more thankful, maybe.  I can’t remember.

There are always people who are anti-resolutions.  Like, “Be kind to yourself and resolve to do nothing!  World Peace!”  I imagine those are the same people who hate Valentine’s Day.  It’s funny – I’m not a very goal oriented person, but I enjoy wrestling with the idea every late-December of what my resolution for the coming year will be.  I took this quiz yesterday, “What Should Your Resolution Be for the New Year?,” that said my resolution should be to lose weight.  Obviously, that quiz totally sucks and is a jerk.

Without further ado, I give you My List of Possible New Year Resolutions.

Read more.
I pride myself in being a fairly good reader.  I’m usually working my way through one or two books at any given time, but I’d love to be more dedicated to it.  A more focused reader, if you will.  I am participating in a book club this year, so that’s a great start.

Write more.
As unfocused and random this blog space may be, I really enjoy keeping up with it.  There have been periods of time where I’ve been more diligent about it and periods where it’s almost the last thing on my mind, but I am so grateful for the opportunity it gives me to write about things, no matter how unfocused and random they may be.  So I’d like to do more of it, if that’s ok with you.

Be a nicer person.
I’ve said before that I believe my spiritual gift is the Gift of Judging.  It’s gotten much better since I had a child, but I still find myself being way more judgmental than necessary.  Which, maybe, sometimes I think I’m just overly observant, making me feel like I’m judging when it’s not really judging.  I’m also not the most outgoing person.  I’ve recently been told that I give off an intimidating/unapproachable vibe, which is not good.  My relaxed face is also kind of snobby looking, I’ve been told.  Must change vibes and relaxed face position.

Get pregnant/Have second baby.
Oh Lord above, help us all.  I can’t decide if this is something I really want or something I feel is expected of me to want.  Does that make sense?  Truthfully, the thought of it kind of sends violent waves of anxiety all throughout my body.  (read this)

Learn how to play the cello.
I know, that one came from left field.  I’ve just always (always) wanted to learn how to play it.  I have this vision of me wearing all black and playing beautiful, deep, haunting cello music.  It’s ok, you can laugh.  Go ahead.  Maybe this one should just go on my bucket list and not on this next year’s agenda.

Worry less about how I look.
I’m one of those people who take forever to get ready.  For real, ask my friends and family, it’s kind of an ongoing joke.  And the thing is, I don’t do anything fancy or special when I’m getting ready to go somewhere.  It just takes a while.  Also, I tend to dwell on my appearance and worry about it way more than necessary.  That’s just some real talk for you, and it’s kind of embarrassing to put out there.  But there it is.  And it’s really getting on my nerves, so it’s time for a change.

For some reason this word keeps coming into my brain whenever I think about the coming year.  I’m not sure exactly what it looks like, but it sure does sound nice, doesn’t it?  Life feels too crowded and cluttered for some reason right now.  Maybe I just need to go on a walk through the house with a trash bag and get rid of some stuff.

Do more yoga.
I really like this option a lot.  Yoga makes me feel so good.  It is challenging, energizing, uplifting, and all around delicious.  It calms my crazy brain and makes me appreciate my body.  I struggle to really commit to it though, for whatever reason.  Yoga and I have a very off and on relationship, but I’d love for us to get more serious.  I mean, if it can calm my crazy brain and make me appreciate my body, what the heck is holding me back?

….So that’s what I’m working with, here on the cusp of 2014.  Who knows, maybe I’ll do all of those things?  Anything could happen.  Good song.

See you next year!

Another resolution idea:  Never make this face.  And yes, I did take this selfie in a public bathroom.  IT WAS FOR MY SISTER, OK.

Another resolution idea: Never make this face again. And yes, I did take this selfie in a public bathroom. IT WAS FOR MY SISTER, OK.

P.S.  I think I’ll go with Do More Yoga.





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