Family Photos by Kathryn Richey


January 6, 2014 by Heather

Back in November we had some family pictures taken by the lovely and very talented Kathryn Richey. I had been wanting some pictures of the three of us where we are all smiling and semi-posed and wearing coordinating colors. You know, something besides the pajama selfies Parker and I take pretty much every morning, even though those are sweet and I will cherish them always.

Funny story – Kathryn and I went to high school together and kept in touch for the years that followed. After college and marriage and, for her, a baby girl, she decided to give the photography business a try. She was wanting to practice taking pictures of a couple, sort of like a mock engagement photo shoot, so that she could have some examples to show people. I can’t remember if she asked us to do it or if I volunteered us, but we ended up being her supermodels guinea pigs for some engagement pictures after we’d been married for almost two years. We’d not had actual engagement photos taken when we were engaged, so it was a lot of fun. And I left my wedding ring at home for authenticity, of course.


Young love right there, folks.

Once I convinced Andrew decided to have some family photos done, Kathryn was so flexible and patient with my craziness – we actually had to schedule and reschedule and then reschedule again. And then at the last minute I was all like, “Hey, can we do these in our backyard?” Oh – I was ALSO all like, “Suuuure, Parker just LOOOOVES having his picture taken!!! He will be great!!!” Uh, so wrong. He was such a handful that afternoon that I was convinced there was no way we’d have any shots of him that weren’t an angry blur. Thankfully (miraculously?), the pictures capture him just the way he is – sweet, silly, curious, and a little shy. Every time we tried for a posed full-family shot he got super mad, so the ones of all three of us are very candid and playful, which I like. It fits us.

Here are some of my favorites… and be sure to check Kathryn out on her new blog, on Facebook, and on Zenfolio.


















….and some outtakes:

“Ok, let’s have you and Andrew sit like this and then Parker can kind of just sit in between you and… oh wait, Parker, put down the stick.”



“Ok let’s do a kissing one. Heather give Andrew a kiss.”





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