case of the snow days

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February 4, 2014 by Heather

One of the best things (in my opinion) about having jobs that revolve around a school schedule is that when you get a snow day, you really get a snow day.  There are times when Andrew will have to do some work from home or run up to his office, and there are times when I will still have cheerleading practice or a ballgame.  But for the most part, the thrill of a snow day is akin to the snow days of 7th grade.  And since we are at a college, the snow days don’t get made up.

My day job (“job”) pretty much stays the same – taking care of the house and Parker.  But having Andrew around for it is so much fun.  It’s like the universe, or Mother Nature, has thrown us an extra Saturday… except unlike a Saturday we don’t feel the need to have plans or do stuff.  It is a legitimate Free Day.  The excitement of hearing that school is closed the next day doesn’t really change, whether you’re 8 or 28.

Now I will say that since Andrew is back in school working on his doctoral degree, he does have to stay on top of that, even on a snow day.  He’s spent the morning reading some super long PDF about… something.  Then there’s me, in the kitchen, trying my hand at baking bread.  You could say that we’re on different levels perhaps, intellectually.

Parker has enjoyed watching the “no” outside.  We went out yesterday and had a mini snowball fight.  He’s good for about 20 minutes, or until he realizes that the “no” has soaked through his gloves and his hands are cold.


Happy Tuesday!  It is Tuesday, right?


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