A Week in the Life


February 15, 2014 by Heather

This week was kind of weird.  I’ve been slowly sort of climbing out of this weird anxiety-ridden funk, and I think this week was maybe (hopefully) the end of it.  I know that sounds really melodramatic and depressing, but it’s just some real talk for this Saturday night.

The good news is that it’s all on the up-and-up over here.


Mayfield didn’t want to get out of bed either this week.  I can always count on her to be feeling exactly how I’m feeling, at least when it comes to wanting to stay in bed all day.


On Tuesday, Parker and I went to the library and got a movie (PLANES!!!) and a fresh stack of books for us to read, two of which he has torn pages out of.  We will be going this week to apologize and offer to pay for the books.  I’m having traumatic flashbacks to the time in 6th grade when my book on the U.S. Presidents got completely soaked and all the pages became waterlogged and warped and I had to explain it all to the school librarian.


I spent most of Wednesday baking and frosting two batches of cupcakes for a wedding shower at Mom’s school.  Vanilla & chocolate, with their corresponding buttercreams.


The boys both got (matching) haircuts on Thursday.  Cindy has been cutting Andrew’s hair since he was five years old.  I get really sentimental every time we go.


Ahh, Friday.  The Day of Love.  I got up early on Valentine’s to make Andrew a special breakfast – dark chocolate cherry scones and bacon – which we had with our coffee in bed.  I used this scone recipe from the Pioneer Woman.  I left out the vanilla beans & folded in some dried cherries and chopped dark chocolate for some, you know, romance.


A big, beautiful hydrangea plant was delivered Friday to meeeee.  Parker thought it was just the coolest thing ever.


We took some V-day selfies.



After some yummy Mexican food for dinner, we spend 3 solid hours Friday night assembling a new TV stand.  We were still in love by the time it was put together, which is an overwhelming success.


We had a basketball game to go to this afternoon.  Look at those two cuties, just prancin’ around.  I mean jogging man-like.

So, that sums it up I guess.  The week where Heather wondered why she ever went off her anxiety medication but then decided to pull it together and go for a run.

Happy Weekend!


One thought on “A Week in the Life

  1. I just finished The Fault in Our Stars this past week and it was so good!!

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