Family Vacay 1.0

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March 26, 2014 by Heather

News flash, real quick:  Vacationing at the beach with a toddler is not exactly how I remember my beach vacays of yore, which consisted of getting as tan as possible (never leaving the pool/beach), sleeping in late, Mom & Dad paying for everything, and looking forward to the annual trip to the nearby outlet mall for an early Spring wardrobe boost (they paid for that, too).


Those beachy days are long gone, I’m afraid.  BUT.  But.  While I have found myself missing the endless hours at the pool with no obligations, it is so much fun playing with Parker at the beach and seeing his reactions to things.  He is a constant terror to any unsuspecting seagull that comes into view.  He loves the sand, although at first he completely freaked out.  Major meltdown time.  We don’t go out to eat very much in non-vacation life, so he has enjoyed the couple of times we’ve done that for dinner and breakfast.  We’re making memories, and it’s fun.

(I think Andrew wins Hot Dad Award of 2014, just saying)

This is our first Official Family Vacation, which makes it special, I think.  We’ve done a couple weekend trips here and there and gone to visit family, but this is our first time where we made the reservations and plans and came by ourselves for the sole purpose of chillaxing and getting away from everything for a bit.  It’s nice to do life in a different location and not be surrounded by all the projects and various things around the house that need done.  It even makes laundry more fun.  Maybe.  Ok that’s a stretch/lie.


Earlier today we went to watch the Blue Angels do their demonstration and then to the National Naval Aviation Museum.  I grew up going to the Blue Angels’ practices every year we went to the beach, so I knew that Parker would absolutely love it.  He is beyond obsessed with airplanes right now.  He loved it.  Like, big time kind of love.  It took place smack dab in the middle of his nap time though, so I was on the receiving end of some major snuggles halfway through the Blue Angels show.  The kid never snuggles, so I was all like, “Andrew!  Take a picture of this!”  Sweet child of mine.  Like the song.


It’s also been really nice getting to spend lots of quality time with Andrew, although I have to say that I think his favorite part of this whole trip has been the king size bed in our condo’s master bedroom.  I won’t be surprised if he tries to strap the whole bed to the top of our car to bring home with us.


I would have never even thought about caring whether or not a beach town had a park for little kids.  Praise Jesus this one does though, because we’ve gone just about every single day.  Well, actually, all of us went one day and just Andrew and Parker have gone two other days… leaving ol’ mom behind to relive the glorious pool days of her past.  Or take a nap and write a blog post.


…the latter of which I will be doing regularly again.  I had to take a few steps away from social media for a little bit, but I’m back.  I kind of needed to reevaluate some things and the reasons I do what I do.  My busy brain has been going full throttle lately (all the more reason to be grateful for a vacation), so I’m trying to sort through the anxiety that, for me at least, comes with that.  I feel like God is in the middle of doing some major reworking in my heart and mind, and I’m trying my control-freak hardest to be completely open and receptive and sensitive to whatever it is He’s doing.

Deep stuff for a quick post about a beach vacation, right?  Man.  I feel like I should go roll around in the sand to lighten the mood or something.

Happy Tuesday.  Or wait, it’s Wednesday.  Happy Wednesday.

I love the way he says "shell."

I love the way he says “shell.”


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