A Day in the Life


April 16, 2014 by Heather

Parker turns 23 months today, and I thought it would be fun to document a whole day of normalness when we had nothing planned.  I quickly typed everything at various intervals in the day and managed to take a few pictures too.  It hasn’t been edited so there’s probably lots of grammar and spelling issues.  I did another Day in the Life post when he was one month old, my how times have changed.  This is more for the future me than for anyone else.  Parker, I love you so much.


Monday, April 14, 2014


7:00 – my alarm goes off. I snooze for 9 mins and snuggle with Mayfield. Andrew is on the couch because he had ridiculous hiccups last night that shook the whole bed. I wake up, go to the bathroom, tell Andrew good morning and that I missed him, and get back in bed. I do a little bit of my Bible study until Andrew brings in our coffee.


7:30 – Coffee in bed. We discuss what’s going on this week and make fun of Mayfield for being a fatty. She’s getting a haircut this week so it’s ok.


7:45 – Andrew gets ready for work & leaves a little before 8. He’s so handsome. I read some news/weather on my phone. Ok that’s kind of a lie. I look at people.com to see who wore what at the MTV awards. I also ask on Facebook if anyone would want to come over to watch Titanic tonight. I really want to watch it.


8:30 – Parker is ready to get up. I hear him in there making his wake-up noises that sound like an owl. He’s playing with his stuffed animals when I walk in. We go through the usual morning ritual – he shows me all of his animals and gives me one to kiss good morning. I wrap his blanket around him and lift him out of his bed, checking to see if he’s peed through his diaper. Nope! Morning kisses, diaper change, warm socks. It’s a little chilly after having the windows open all night.


8:45 – We start a load of laundry and I get him some milk. He’s following me around everywhere with his toy vacuum, and for the thousandth time I wish it had actual floor-cleaning powers. I set out some ground beef to thaw for dinner. We let Mayfield out and I ask what he wants for breakfast. “Eeeeeeeegggggkkkkkk!” He likes the actual preparation of the eggs better than actually eating them. I just like holding him and smelling his head while we make them. He knows how to make scrambled eggs and he’s not even 2 years old. He’s following me around the kitchen now, telling me what all I need: “Bow (bowl)! Bork (fork)! Eggkk! Dalt (salt)! Pot! Poon (spoon)! Pepper! Watch!!” Once I crack the eggs, I pick him up and let him watch the rest of it. He sprinkles in some salt, I sprinkle in some pepper. Put a tiny bit of butter in the pan (“Buhher!”) – we’ve been doing this for some time now and have decided we prefer butter to cooking spray. The eggs get scrambled and then (“Ready?” “K!”) poured into the pan. We sit down to eat breakfast once the fruit’s been sliced and the eggs are cooled off. Strawberries for him, half a banana for me. And more coffee.



9:05 – He dumps what’s left on his plate out onto the floor. I’m grateful for Mayfield who eats everything. I turn on the Baby First channel and he plays and half-watches TV while I write some thank you cards and send a couple of emails. I’m trying to figure out what we should do today…library? Maybe. It’s really wet outside. Maybe we’ll go find a puddle like we did last Monday.


9:30 – I’m still working on a couple things. Parker comes in the kitchen and starts dumping goldfish crackers everywhere. Where did he find those? Mayfield eats them.


9:45 – I finish up what I’m doing and turn around to see Parker standing in a pot. He’s been playing with his fake eggs.  I tell him he’s gonna fall on his butt. He says, “My bump!” And I realize that I better start watching what I say.



10:05 – We put on animal ears (me – rabbit, him – cat) and dance around the living room. I change his diaper, the second poop of the day. We went out for Mexican last night so I expected some salsa-scented surprises today.



10:15 – We vacuum. He’s scared of loud noises, so I carry him the whole time. Holding him in one arm and pushing the vacuum with the other, occasionally switching arms when the one holding him feels like it’s about to give out. Whenever I stop to switch plug-ins or move something to clean under it (how does it get so nasty under his bed??), I set him down and he claps and waves “bye bye” to the vacuum and blows kisses at it. At one point he says, “See ya, oooookay” and just walks away. He’s ready to be done with this.


10:30 – We’re done and ready for a snack. I cut up an apple for us and Parker starts taking stuff out of the kitchen cabinets. He alternates between eating an apple slice and surfing on a cookie sheet. I guzzle some water and take a Tylenol for the headache I feel coming on. We switch out the laundry and I change into some workout clothes, deciding that we should go for a jog before in rains again. Parker tells me everything I’m putting on: “Bwa! Mants! Shirt!” We bundle up and I refill his sippy cup.



11:15 – We’re finally all buckled into the jogging stroller and out the door. It’s always a production trying to go anywhere. Gotta have the hat, the snack, the milk, the toy. I turn on Pandora and away we go. We jog around campus for 30 minutes, stopping halfway to drop a few things off at the post office and wipe our noses. It’s a wee bit chilly, but the fresh air is nice.



11:45 – We’re back. I decide make a run into town before lunch. I’m hungry after our run so I put a handful of almonds in my jacket pocket to eat on the way. We load up in the car and I drop off an audio book at the library (don’t really want to go in today, maybe another day) and then go to Hay’s for some deli meat & cheese for Andrew’s lunches.


12:46 – Get home and I fix Parker and Andrew some lunch.


1:00 – Andrew’s home for lunch, he and Parker sit down to eat. Andrew decides he wants another sandwhich. Such a needy one, that guy.



1:25 – I change Parker’s diaper (poop #3, thanks Mexican) and sing him his bedtime song (Goodnight Moon) and lay him down for a nap. Naptime rules.


1:30 – I make myself some lunch – a yummy salad – and sit down to eat and read the book I’m currently into (“All Joy and No Fun” by Jennifer Senior). Andrew’s playing a video game.



1:45 – Hannah calls me but I hit the decline button. I call her back on FaceTime so I can talk and eat at the same time. We chat for a little bit and she starts talking in a ridiculous British accent. After about 10 minutes she says, “Hey I gotta let you go, Harper just peed in the floor and Abel is crawling through it.” Cool.



2:15 – I open the dishwasher to unload it and see that the dirty dishes from yesterday, no, the DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY, are still sitting there – unwashed and real smelly. I put a few more things in there and start it. I start another load of laundry, this time all towels. I fix a couple of spots on the coffee table that Parker peeled off a while back (couldn’t find a brush so I just dipped my finger in the jar of mod podge). I repair a broken frame in the living room that fell when I was hanging it up weeks ago. I check on Parker in between all of this and wish that I could snuggle up with him in his crib. I straighten the kitchen and office area and sweep the floor. I should probably mop but nah. I tidy up the living room. I make our bed and discover a pile of clothes (clean? dirty?) on Andrew’s side (hi honey, I love you, use the hamper). I reply to a couple of emails and check Facebook. I really want to spend some time on the upholstery project I’ve been working on since the dawn of time (February), but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. It’s already 3:15. Also I need a shower like whoa.


3:23 – I hear Parker waking up. That means I have about 20 minutes to wrap up whatever I’m doing. I think about jumping in the shower but decide to wait.


3:40 – I get him up and change ANOTHER poopy diaper. He points at it after I take it off and says, “Geee-ooooossss.” Yes, son, that is gross. I get him some watered down juice and a snack (oatmeal squares). We head back to his room for some play time, even though he is begging to watch “Maaammmaaallls” on TV.




4:00 – We play back in his room, lining up blocks, reading books, pushing cars and tractors around. At one point I pretend like I’m going to take a nap in the floor and he says “Menkent? (Blanket)” He keeps repeating it until he finds one in his closet and puts it on top of my head. Hannah texts to say she will be coming over to watch Titanic.




4:30 – Andrew gets home from work, which is met with a standing ovation from Parker when he walks through the door.


4:45 – I start making dinner while Andrew and Parker snuggle up on the couch to watch some cartoons and Pioneer Women (they love it). I try to limit Parker’s TV time during the day because I know they enjoy watching it together in the evenings.



5:40 – The three of us sit down for dinner – cheeseburgers (no buns), roasted broccoli and potatoes. I’m typically allergic to broccoli, but it’s been a while since it made me sick so I eat some. Parker loves the potatoes and has two helpings. He picks the cheese off of his burger bites before eating a few of them. No go on the broccoli for him.



6:05 – We’re done with dinner and I hop in the shower.


6:30 – Andrew gives Parker a bath and I work on making some scones for me and Hannah to snack on. I use the same recipe I always use but for some reason it makes a ton. I must’ve cut them smaller than usual. I hear Andrew telling Parker not to throw water out of the tub. This is an ongoing battle.


6:50 – Hannah gets here.


7:00 – Parker’s bedtime! He’s in his pajamas and still has wet hair from his bath. I pour a little more milk in his sippy cup and carry him back to his room, where I sing his bedtime song again (Goodnight Moon) and he lays his head on my shoulder. Hannah is peeking from the hallway and watching the whole routine, and for a second my eyes start to tear up for some reason. He gives me a kiss and I put him in his bed, winding up the musical giraffe and making it dance around until he laughs and grabs it. I hand him his milk and turn the sound machine on. Night Night!


7:15 – Andrew heads out to the garage to ride his bike on the trainer, and Hannah and I start the first disc of Titanic. We pause it after 10 minutes to get some scones and tea. My stomach and back are hurting pretty bad and I figure it’s cramps. (I later realize that it’s from the broccoli – ugh). We half talk/half watch the movie, chiming in on certain parts that we think would be funnier if they did it other ways, like if he pushed her off the bow of the ship instead of standing behind her and letting her fly. Things like that. There are many comments made during the drawing scene. We are very, very mature. At some point in all of this Andrew comes in and showers and eats like 10 scones. Haha.



9:15 – It’s time to switch the discs, but when we see that it’s another hour and a half long we decide to skip it. Also if we watch all the people floating around in the water we’ll have nightmares. If we ever want to watch the whole movie we should probably start it around noon. Hannah leaves.


9:30 – I brush my teeth, put on some eye cream, take my melatonin, check on Parker and cover him up, and finally get in bed where Andrew is reading something on his iPad. We talk and laugh for a while. I’m feeling pretty miserable from the broccoli, so he rubs my back until I start to fall asleep.


10:00 – Zzzzzzzzzz…..


One thought on “A Day in the Life

  1. Mama Wood says:

    I know my gastritis can give me some nauseatingly painful gas with certain foods. GasX helps…usually just take two right off the bat. 🙂

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