The Chair


May 22, 2014 by Heather

On February 19 I bought a chair off Craigslist for $20.  We had just rearranged our living room and there was this open space that begged for some sort of armchair.  Ever the idiot DIY-er, I refused to buy a brand new one for $450 and scoured Craigslist for a few days until I stumbled upon this beaut:


Didn’t love the fabric, and REALLY didn’t love the fabric when I saw it in person at the lady’s storage unit later that afternoon.  But it was solid, comfortable, and I loved the shape.  The chair had fabulous bones.  She just needed a new outfit.  (wah, wah)

I had zero upholstery experience, but I’m really good about talking myself into doing things I have no idea how to do (see also: triathlon, graduate school, marriage, baby).  After all, how difficult could it be??????????????????


While I had the chair loaded up in the back of the car, I stopped by the upholstery shop in town to see how much it would cost to have a professional do it.  She looked at it and said it would be around $250, which didn’t include the 6 yards of fabric I would need.  Psh.  I’ll do this myself.  I figured it would take a week, maybe a month tops.

I’ll spare you the details, but I will say that next time I’ll very gladly pay that lady her $250 and then some to reupholster a chair.  It was a tiny bit of a challenge.

Bought the chair on February 19, finished reupholstering it on May 15.  Pulled out five gazillion staples, stitches, and nails.  Spent way too long sewing and said way too many bad words while doing it.  And it is super far from being anywhere close to perfect.

…but it sure looks good next to the couch.

A few photos of the fun had along the way:






















Mayfield likes it, so I’d consider it a huge success.

Happy Thursday!




One thought on “The Chair

  1. Mama Wood says:

    Looks FABULOUS! Love it!

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