Because everyone else is doing it: My Review of Jamberry Nail Wraps


June 3, 2014 by Heather

Here are two things you may or may not know about me:

1.  I do not like to do what everyone else is doing.  There’s a tiny shred of rebellion in these sturdy bones and part of the way I like to “rebel” is to not follow the crowd in various situations.  So when everyone and their grandma are wearing/covering their homes with yellow and gray chevron, I’m probably not going to jump on the wagon.  Or, more relevant in this case, when everyone and their grandma are selling/talking about Jamberry on Facebook, I am inclined to be like, “Oooook we get it.  Chill out.”  No matter how cute chevron and Jamberry nails may be, that is my first reaction.  I know, it’s silly.  Whatever.

2.  I love trying new beauty products.  LOVE it.

So a few weeks ago when Deidre asked if I wanted to try some out and write about it on my blog, I was hesitant at first and then thought, “What the heck?  They seem cool.  Maybe they will suck and my ‘rebellion’ will be justified.”  What a twisted way to go through life.

Here’s the thing though:  they didn’t suck, like at all.  In fact they were pretty dang cool, and fairly easy to use.  IN FACT, I liked them so much that I am going to buy one of you your very own sheet of nail wraps so you can try them (Andrew’s reading this and going, What?  I’m buying who what?).

More on that and my full review after a ridiculous amount of creepy hand photos that I’ve made smaller than usual so you don’t get too grossed out by my cuticles.  Also, I canNOT do they whole clutch-an-object-and-take-a-pic-of-your-nails thing.  It just doesn’t work and I feel like a T-Rex while trying to do it.

I was instructed to do the Jamberry Challenge, where I use my own nail polish and then do one accent nail on each hand using a nail wrap.

I was instructed to do the Jamberry Challenge, where I use my own nail polish (I love Revlon) and then do one accent nail on each hand using a nail wrap.

Right after my rather successful application.

Right after my rather successful application.

I have pretty narrow fingernails, and the nail wrap still didn't quite cover it all the way.  It wasn't super noticeable though.

I have pretty narrow fingernails, and the nail wrap still didn’t quite cover it all the way. It wasn’t super noticeable though, and to be honest I think they are kind of stretchy so next time I am going to stretch it over a little more to cover the whole nail.  So maybe it wasn’t a totally successful application on my part.  ALSO, the wraps on the full manicure sheet are much wider. 

Day 2, looking so hot.

Day 2, looking awesome and a little flaky at the end of my nail.  Nothing a little downward filing action didn’t fix.

Taking these nails to church on Day 3.

Taking these nails to church on Day 3.

...Day 4

…Day 4.  Revlon’s struggling a bit on the tips.

Day 5, feeling fancy.

Day 5, feeling fancy.  Revlon is chipping a bit on my pinky.  DANGIT.

Day 6

Things took a turn for the worse on Day 6 and Revlon started to give up the fight.  What does that even mean?  What a ridiculous sentence.

Final Day

Final Day and boy do I need some hand lotion.


My Full Review:  Everyone keeps saying how easy these things are to use and how they are so much simpler than using nail polish.  Basically, you trim down the nail wrap to fit your nail, then you heat the wrap with you hair dryer, then you put the wrap on your nail and zap that with the hair dryer while applying pressure.  Then you cut off any excess (without also slicing off the tip of your finger) and file the wrap in a downward motion to seal the deal.  It was a lot of up & down with the hair dryer and my cat kept trying to flick the nail wrap off the bathroom counter.  But it was pretty easy, and the second nail WAS much easier to do, so I’m sure after you get the hang of it you can give yourself a full manicure while also finding World Peace and a cure for AIDS.

I thought the wrap held up really well.  Unlike my Revlon polish (I did two coats with no topcoat to really test the limits, whoa), it stayed really shiny the whole time.  I’m pretty rough on my hands, so the fact that all I had to do was re-file the tip of the wrap down a couple times was pretty impressive to me.  I think if I had trimmed it down a little more it wouldn’t have down that…?  I got a lot of compliments on it and it really did feel like I had gotten one of those fancy big city manicures.

I really hate removing regular nail polish (especially red), and the Jamberry wrap was super duper easy to take off.  Just heat it for a few seconds and peel it off.  I liked that a lot.

If you are interested in trying some Jamberry wraps, all you have to do is go to Deidre’s website to place an order (I’m not doing a Facebook party).  I think the hardest part would be choosing just one – there’s like five hundred billion different designs on there.

I think the wraps would make really great gifts too.  So there’s that.

AND… if you are interested in winning a sheet of wraps (one design) FA FREE, all you have to do is leave a comment on this actual post or under the post on Facebook.  You can say anything – “Hey pick me,” or “I love fried chicken on Saturdays.”  Whatever you want.

I will pick a winner at random on Friday afternoon!  Woohoooo fun fun fun.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S.  My first day of grad school went well.  Did you know they are still assigning homework?  What is the world coming to?





8 thoughts on “Because everyone else is doing it: My Review of Jamberry Nail Wraps

  1. Jenni says:

    Somewhere over the rainbow.. Skies are BLUUUUUUUE!!! (Aka- Han)

    Lol. Love your blogs. Love you more! Id love to win this.. I’ve never tried them. 🙂

  2. I’ll admit, I’ve been avoiding the “jamberry bandwagon” as well. But, since you’ve offering some for free. 😉 I have to comment that I notice your mug has chevron. haha

  3. Rachel bailey says:

    I was convinced they’d be too complicated… Maybe I’m wrong. So pick me!

  4. I like shrimp and grits on Thursdays!

  5. ammartin91 says:

    Ordered Jamberry nail sheets recently, and am very excited to try them!! Even more so now that I’ve seen they do stand up to some daily use and abuse 😉

  6. Oh, what the hey – I found your blog by searching the internet about the truth of these fancy nails. I guess I should enter your competition and give it a go! 🙂

    • Heather says:

      Hi Shannon! Unfortunately the giveaway is over now and a winner has received her nail wraps. You should definitely order some of your own to try out though!

  7. Carol Johnston says:

    Toes? I’m thinking toes…

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