Sometimes We Do Fun Things

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July 17, 2014 by Heather

If I’m being completely honest, a good bit of my momming tends to go something like this:  Here, son, here’s a cup of cheerios and some milk, here’s your cartoons and toys, I’m going to put up the baby gate and hibernate in the kitchen for a couple of hours while you entertain yourself.  It sounds worse than it is.  But for real though, I keep seeing facebook posts about mothers gearing up for homeschooling and I’m like whaaaaaaat.  Kudos, props, and more power to you.  I’m amazed, seriously.

So in the name of being a funner, more hands-on madre, I took to pinterest yesterday during nap time and fell deep into a hole of perfect mothers and all of their perfectly perfect ideas.  I’d like to go on the record as saying that I DO NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER like some of those ladies.  Man.  Such clean baseboards and bathrooms.  They probably even brush their teeth before noon.

I did, however, glean lots of insight and knowledge from all of their fun-loving ways.  One of them was squirtable sidewalk paint, which as a name sounds horrible and like a huge mess.  And it is a mess, but not a huge one.  It’s totally fun and cheap and won’t harm the children if they decided to suck some of it down between sidewalk squirts.  (note to self:  working memoir title – Sidewalk Squirts)


All you do is get some squirt bottles, fill them 2/3 full with a half/half mix of cornstarch and baking soda (a funnel comes in handy here), add 6-7 drops food coloring, fill rest of the way with water and mix with a butter knife.  Save one squirt bottle and put some vinegar in it for Science Class, a.k.a. it makes the baking soda in the paint bubble and fizz once it’s on the sidewalk.  That was Parker’s favorite part – “Bubbles!!!!!”  He tried drinking out of that bottle and was gravely disappointed.


No, he did not write his name upside down, although it totally looks like he did. Impressive kid.

It was a lot of fun and he had a big time with it.  I even managed to squirt out a star and a cat.  That ol’ art degree comes in handy from time to time, I tell you what.

photo by Nana

photo by Nana

Then we jumped on the trampoline and ran around the yard and dumped water on our heads.  I told my sister yesterday that I want to marry this cooler weather.  It’s true love.

After my mom-win with the squirt paint (yesss), all Parker wanted to do was wrap up in his blanket and watch The Pioneer Woman while eating lunch.  Diva.


don’t look at my baseboards…

Happy Thursday!


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