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September 23, 2014 by Heather

I’ve never actually seen a movie with Halle Berry in it, nor have I ever seen her on any talk shows or read an interview with her in a magazine.  I don’t know if she seems like a nice person, I don’t know what her voice sounds like, and I cannot name a movie she’s been in… BUT.  Out of all the famous people out there (and there are a great many, it seems), I think she has the very best personal style.

Halle Berry Picks Up A Birthday Cake For Olivier

Every now and then a picture or news story will pop up about her on Yahoo or People and I’m just like, Halle, work it girl.  She always looks so effortless and pulled together at the same time, with her faded jeans and flowy tops.  I like seeing pictures of her running errands with her daughter (creepiest thing to say, ever) because even though she’s in total mom-mode she looks good — but never like she’s trying to look good, which is key.


So on days like today (most days, let’s be honest) when I wake up feeling gross but I know we have errands to run, I reach deep into my soul and try to channel my inner Halle Berry.  Instead of reaching for the yoga capris and tennis shoes, I make myself put on some ripped jeans and flats.  Today I was feeling super Halle Berryish because I even accessorized my not-trying-too-hard tank top with a – wait for it – scarf, in honor of the first day of fall (!!!!!).


That’s me and Parker, just walking into Wal-Mart.

Oh wait.


I was feeling so Halle Berryish that I almost called Parker Nahlia, until I bent over to help him get his shoes on and my scarf did this:


Then when I stood up it was stuck to my lip gloss.  I almost took it off in a huff (forget this, Halle) but I kept it on and I have to say… I felt a little bit more pulled together because of it.  But not TOO pulled together.  Never that.  Halle wouldn’t want that.

Moral of the story:  the scarf came off as soon as we walked through the door.  As did the lip gloss.



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