twelve hour sister date

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October 9, 2014 by Heather

I think I’ve mentioned before that Hannah and I go on a sister date every month.  Typically, it consists of dinner, coffee, and Target.  But we’ve also gone on a hike, seen movies, and around the holidays we like to go to San Fransisco Bread Co. and eat baked potato soup out of a bread bowl, followed by a trip to Hobby Lobby where we buy each other a Christmas ornament and ogle all the fancy wreaths and whatnot.

For Hannah’s birthday in July, I decided to make our October sister date extra special by getting us both tickets to the Katy Perry concert in Memphis.  We looked forward to it for months, and this past weekend it finally came!  We met at 1:30pm and I dropped her off at her car at 1:30am.  Twelve solid hours of living it up, sister style.

Our first stop was Whole Foods, where we immediately got lattes & gelato and proceeded to walk around with our mouths slightly ajar for the next hour, buying items such as multi-colored lentils and an array of goat milk soaps, as well as “weird chips” for our husbands.  I also came up with a super-fun game for us to play where we would loudly say things like “Hey, here’s that seaweed pasta you were wanting for next week’s dinner party” whenever another shopper was walking by and within earshot.  It quickly became a one-sided game, with me shouting gems such as “Hey Hannah, here’s the hemp milk you need for Harper,” and “Oh I’ve got to get a bar of this soap for the upstairs guest bath.”  You know.  Just being fancy.  Country come to city.


I didn’t realize it at the time, but Hannah’s twin is in the background of this photo. Weeeiiiiird


I stared at these for an embarrassing amount of time.

I stared at these for an embarrassing amount of time.


cheek hair.

cheek hair, I mean cheek bones


After we peeled ourselves away from Organic Mecca (promising to “return in a few weeks with a cooler”), we parked downtown and walked around Beale Street looking for some pre-concert sustenance.  Hannah didn’t agree with me about Coyote Ugly maybe having food, and she stayed on the complete opposite side of the street when I ran across to watch the, uh, lady dancing on the bar.  We ended up at B.B. Kings, which was delish and truly entertaining.  There was a blind guy singing the blues, and I only describe him as that because that’s how he was introduced, as in, “Give it up for Blind Mississippi so-and-so,” which I thought was the racial slur equivalent to a visually impaired person, but whatever.  Hannah had two stray dollar bills in her purse so I made her run up and put it in his tip bucket.  She was nervous, but I reassured her that it’s not like he was going to call her out.  Just saying.





Then it was concert time.  But before that, we set out to get the most perfect photo to capture the carefree and jovial essence of the night.

Hmm, nope.  Fork bangs, and that freakin' lady behind us being soooo cool.

Hmm, nope. Fork bangs, and that freakin’ lady behind us being soooo cool.


We crammed into a bathroom stall, convinced that our selfie luck would change if we didn't have people staring at us.

We crammed into a bathroom stall, convinced that our selfie luck would change if we didn’t have people staring at us.


Nailed it.

Nailed it.

Katy was magnificent and the whole show was mesmerizing.  The stage was moving every which way and people were flying up in the air.  It was really, really cool.  The arena was actually a little too cool, so I was glad I had thrown my scarf into my purse after parking the car, something Hannah advised against – “You’re not going to use it, it’s just going to be something else to hang onto.”  PAH.  It was cold up in there, so we were both under it like a blanket, which earned it the name of Barf – Blanket Scarf.  As in, “the barf is falling off my shoulder, dang it.”

KP is flying around somewhere in there.

KP is flying around somewhere in there.


Ah, there we go.

Ah, there we go.

Happy Birthday, sister.

We both got home around 2am, which left me looking like this at 8am:


Worth it.



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