Thursday Afternoon Montage of Recent and Various Happenings


November 6, 2014 by Heather


I tapped into that valuable studio art degree and played with watercolor during nap time.  POPPIES!



We went to the Powhatan Ghost Walk with my mom and stepdad, where Parker was introduced to homemade kettle corn and after that nothing else mattered.  Also, Andrew wore a sweater, which is in my top ten favorite things.



My running shoes got an upgrade.  I’d waited a little too long to get new ones this time and my knees were killing me.  Rookie mistake.



I discovered my underwear namesake.



Parker had this year’s first encounter with Egbert the Eagle and was equal parts exuberant and terrified.



Andrew’s been out of town for work a good bit lately, which means I get to have dinners like this one.



Bike rides around campus!  Obviously, I have way more fun than Parker.






Boo.  (go ahead, make the joke… I went as myself… blah blah blah)



His very first time to trick-or-treat, and he was a pro.  Mister Independent.



Harper Jane turned 3!!!



Parker got a haircut & Mrs. Denise made a pretty sweet mohawk.  He couldn’t stop touching his hair for the rest of the day.  Stocking stuffer idea:  hair pomade.



I received the go-ahead from my fashion council friends that yes, it is ok to button the top button if it just feels right.  A studded collar never hurts either.



The college’s homecoming was this past weekend & afterward we hosted a Friendsgiving Dinner for our nearest and dearest ones.  It was a lot of fun.



The husbands telling campfire confessionals.



The circus came to town — and Parker lasted the whole 2 hours!  The elephants were his favorite.  I’m currently pricing bedazzled leotards on amazon.



It’s hard to say who was more captivated by the show.  It’s a toss up, really.



I got T-Swift’s new album, and here is my professional/official review:  I can listen to the whole album while running – beginning to end – without stopping or skipping over a song.  I’ve never done that before… I always skip to the next song or get bored with the same artist.  Since I run so far and fast and long, you know.  Anyways.  I’m a fan.



I put a sweater on December and she hated her life for the whole 3 minutes it was on.



I saw this somewhere and loved it.  I kind of go either way with Emerson, but this statement I can get behind.  I’ve always told Andrew that I want to be a whole person, not a happy one.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to be happy (who doesn’t?), but I don’t make that my life’s main goal.  I think when we say “I just want to be happy,” we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure.  I fully believe that happiness is attainable, but in order to completely experience it, there have got to be some not-so-happy and downright mundane things in and around it.  I hope you’re good and unhappy after reading that.

Now, joy.  That’s a whole ‘nuther ballgame.  I’ve got that down in my heart.


Down in my heart.

happy thursday






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  1. Interesting and creative.

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