Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. For When I Am Weak


    February 25, 2015 by Heather

    Earlier today, for the second time in less than a week, a button popped off the coat I was wearing.  …
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  2. Andrew & Heather at the Jr. High Dance


    February 17, 2015 by Heather

    For Valentine’s Day, Andrew arranged for Parker to stay with his parents overnight while we took a ballroom dance class …
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  3. Love and Boys


    February 13, 2015 by Heather

    Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!  Have anything fun planned?  I always get annoyed (I think I said this last year…) by …
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  4. this time around, thus far


    February 4, 2015 by Heather

    I’ve had a handful of people tell me that they “can’t wait for the posts about this pregnancy!”  To that …
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