Andrew & Heather at the Jr. High Dance


February 17, 2015 by Heather


For Valentine’s Day, Andrew arranged for Parker to stay with his parents overnight while we took a ballroom dance class in Memphis.  Let me pause here for a moment and mention that Andrew absolutely hates to dance — hates it.  I don’t think he’ll be too offended if I also mention that he is pretty terrible at it, he would tell you that himself.  I, on the other hand, love to dance and make it my personal mission to get my groove on as often as possible.


So you can imagine my surprise and delight when he informed me of our V-day plans that he had arranged weeks in advance (I think the actual planning is what really impressed me).  Taking a dance class is probably what Andrew’s nightmares are made of, but he was such a good sport.

"Gazing with Trepidation"

“Gazing with Trepidation”

Turns out, we were both completely outside of our comfort zones.  My burgeoning belly made me not-exactly the picture of grace and poise, and I had trouble controlling my giggles at Andrew’s seriousness.

The other couples were super into it, and super into each other… gazing into their partner’s eyes as they tried to figure out the rumba steps with the music.  Then there was us, quietly repeating “quick, quick, slooow, quick, quick, sloooow, ok now turn, wait not yet, wait.”  At one point we were drawing a square on the studio floor with our fingers to map out where we were supposed to be turning.  The instructors kept coming over and telling Andrew to loosen up — which made me giggle even more.  He took it so seriously and actually ended up being quite the ballroom dance partner.


The very sexy and hardcore dance instructor lady asked if we wanted our photo taken in front of the tablecloth backdrop when our lesson was over.  Yes, I thought.  Let’s have a fun photo that shows how fun and dance-y we are!  I’ll instagram it! 

We look like our parents made us take a picture together at a school dance and we’re afraid to get too close.  Leave room for Jesus!

It's really just a terrible picture.  We can't stop laughing at it.

It’s really just a terrible picture. We can’t stop laughing at it.  My comfy-dancing shoes help a lot, as does the fact that my maternity pantyhose make it look like I have one giant leg.  #hot

After the class, we headed downtown to The Majestic for our late dinner reservation (again, impressed at the planning), and had a delicious meal and a hilarious time talking about the dance class and how much we missed Parker.  Isn’t that what parents do on dates?


I gave my best news anchorwoman impression while we waited for our french fry appetizer, requested by yours truly.  I cannot get enough fries.  I know it’s terrible.  Give me the fries.


So there you have it, our Valentine’s.  It was one for the books.  Thank you, honey bear rainbow sunshine love nugget, for such a lovely evening.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

….AND Happy Birthday to my wonderful & beautiful Mom!


One thought on “Andrew & Heather at the Jr. High Dance

  1. Jerry D. Gibbens says:

    Andrew likes to please those he loves. My wife says that Andrew was a gentleman when she taught him in the 4th grade in Walnut Ridge. She would have adopted him if the Watsons would have allowed. Enjoy dancing, parenthood, and growing up and old together.

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