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April 30, 2015 by Heather


My grandfather passed away pretty unexpectedly Monday morning.  Papaw was admitted into the hospital on April 15 to have some tests run because he had been very weak and running a low fever.  The following Wednesday, the 22nd, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  He passed away five days later.

My sister, brother, stepsister, and I got here the Saturday night before he died (Dad and Teddi have been here for a couple of weeks now), so we had the blessed opportunity to hold his hand and talk to him (even though he couldn’t respond), and I’m so glad.

The main thing that keeps running through my head about Papaw is his laugh.  He had such a wonderfully inappropriate sense of humor, my most favorite kind of all.  And he laughed the hardest at his own jokes… I can see it and hear it so clearly in my mind.  He loved growing tomatoes (people drove for miles in the summers to buy them from him), watching old westerns, and eating really spicy food.  He and Ganny celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary five days before he went into the hospital.

Papaw, you are so very loved and missed.  (read obituary here)


Papaw & a 10 month old Parker


I’m looking forward to getting back to writing on here regularly next week.  It’s been one heck of a month.  Between wrapping up both grad classes, plunging into the third trimester of this pregnancy, chasing after Parker, getting sick, and Papaw passing away, I’m pretty weary.  Hannah and I ended up staying in Atlanta this week, mainly for moral support of Dad and Ganny, but also because it just kind of made the most sense.  Our fellers will arrive tonight, sans babies.  It’s been nice having the extra time and space to write papers and shower and nap at my own leisure, not gonna lie.  We’ve had some really precious moments too, remembering Papaw.  Andrew has been my champion, as usual, lining up babysitters for Parker and even taking off work some.  Ready to see those nerds.

Happy Thursday — go hug someone you love!  Or even someone you don’t, they could probably use a hug too.





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