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June 8, 2015 by Heather


Friday evening we went to my mom and step-dad’s for what was supposed to be an outdoor cookout/let the kids run around extravaganza, but the weather had other plans.  While enjoying our burgers indoors, Andrew got a text from our neighbor that our trampoline had hurdled the fence during the storm and was leaning against the side of his house.  Everything in our yard got blown around (obviously), but the tramp must have been hit just right.  It looks like it tumbled across the yard, slammed into the back of our house, then flew over the fence into his yard.


The light of day revealed that it was entirely un-jumpable, so a very sad Andrew and Parker spent some time Saturday afternoon taking it apart.  Jumping on the trampoline was their thing.  I foresee another one making its way to our backyard in the near (ish) future.


Andrew has two pretty intense summer classes this month, so Saturday morning Parker and I got out of his hair for a while so he could read and deal with the storm aftermath (tv and internet down — how can we survive???).  We ended up at the Jonesboro Farmer’s Market, where Parker got himself a bag of blueberries (he walked around eating them the whole time), and mama got her some sunflowers (and kale & cucumbers).  We walked around, split a smoothie, then came home for “nap” time.  I say “nap” because, well, there was no actual napping.


Hannah had a baby shower on Sunday.  I was on my way to town when she called and asked if I wanted to leave my car at her house and ride in the new van.  YES I WANT TO RIDE IN YOUR NEW MINI VAN.  Absolutely I do.  She’s a real mom now.  And apparently Harper misinterpreted “silly face” for “look of utter distress.”

Not pictured:  churching, Netflixing, spaghetti eating, sprinkler running, dog bathing, grocery shopping, and tantrum throwing (I’ll let you guess who).

Happy Monday!!!



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