Fishing for the Fourth

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July 6, 2015 by Heather

Andrew’s family has an annual Independence Day gathering at his grandparents’ in Jackson, Mississippi, that’s always filled to the brim with people, good food, and glorious Mississippi humidity (rivaled only by AR).  My doctor said it really wasn’t the best idea for me to travel — unless we took our hospital bags, yikes — so Andrew and Parker made the weekend trip without me.  I know — you’re thinking poor, pitiful pregnant lady all alone, but trust me (trust me) I had a lovely time.  There was much nesting, sleeping, and relaxing on my end.

On Andrew and Parker’s end was a lot of fishing, so I’m told.  Proof:



How fantastically joyful does Andrew look in that picture?  That may be the happiest selfie I have ever seen.  You have to understand… he LOVES to fish but doesn’t exactly have much luck in the actual catching part (sorry honey).  Yes, I tease him endlessly.  Hence the look of utter exhilaration and victory on his face.

So naturally when they got home, it was declared to me that Parker was ready for his own fishing pole.  Immediately.  Which is exactly what happened:



They are quite a pair, I tell you.  I hope our boys grow up to be just like their daddy.

Zero fish were harmed in the posting of this blog.

Happy Monday!


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