These are the Days

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July 31, 2015 by Heather


Andrew started back to work on Monday, which meant it was just me and the boys during the day this week.  To be quite honest, I was really dreading it.  But I have to say — we had a great week!  Oliver has kind of just slipped into our family quite naturally and with a whole lot more ease than I expected.  Yes, we are sleep deprived and I’m still sore in various areas, but overall things are going so well.


Parker is starting to come around to having a little brother all up in his business all day everyday.  He asks to pray for “baby Oliver” before meals, puts toys in his bed, and does lovingly aggressive things like bounce his bouncy chair too hard and hit him on the head — we’re working on being gentle.


I refuse to go outside in this heat, so we’ve been doing a lot of indoor activities, like painting our indoor pool.  Giant mess, lots of fun.  Is it fall yet?


Great-Grandma came to visit on Wednesday morning!  She is like the baby whisperer.  Oliver is named after her husband, my grandpa, who is pictured above in the small photo hanging on the wall behind her.


Lots of lounging around, lots of eating, lots of diaper-changing, and a lot more eating.  Not a lot of sleep.


And a whole heck of a lot of these.

Happy Weekend!!!!!



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