7 weeks

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September 3, 2015 by Heather



Dear Oliver,

You are such a sweet little baby.  From the moment they placed you on my chest at the hospital, I knew you were going to be my snuggly one.  If you had it your way you’d sleep on mine or Andrew’s chest all the day long.  But not the night, because you’d much rather be suckling at my chest instead of sleeping on it.  You had your days and nights mixed up for a while there… I’m hoping we are out of that.  You still wake up to nurse at least every 3 hours, sometimes 2, sometimes 1.  It’s getting better.  It is.  We are learning your rhythms and what you like and don’t like.  For example, you hated the rock-n-play after the first couple of weeks, whereas your brother slept in that thing for three months.  You are currently sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room, swaddled, next to my side of the bed.  Why do so many children’s things have “n-play” in the name?  How about “n-sleep?”  That’s what I’m after with these products.  SOME SLEEP.





It’s hard for me to write about you without comparing you to Parker and how he was as a baby.  You are your own person, for sure.  People keep asking if you are “easier” than Parker was, and maybe you are, but I prefer to say you are more “cooperative.”  And it’s the truth, you really are much more cooperative.  Thank the Lord.  I love your brother and I loved him as a baby, but you have made the transition from one baby to two pretty easy on us with your mild mannered ways.




You love stretching out on your stomach, but for now I just let you nap like that sometimes.  As of recent days you seem to enjoy bath time, which is just precious.  You are really starting to “come to life,” as Andrew so eloquently puts it.  You are bright-eyed and taking everything in with a smile and, usually, a fart.  The whole county knows when you are going #2, it is the loudest thing ever.  Hence your nickname “Squirt.”  Except for Parker, who likes to call you “Ollie Man.”





Left: Parker, Right: Oliver

Left: Parker, Right: Oliver

I love you so much, my sweet baby.  You’ve completed our family in such a beautiful way, and I’m excited to watch you grow.

Love Always,








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