When Mom’s Sick

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September 25, 2015 by Heather


I remember when I started this blog and felt the need to disclose every single little detail about my life, whether that meant writing about how I felt like a big fat fatty on that particular day, that I had hemorrhoids while pregnant, or every single detail of our weekend.  It was all fair game.  Those are some fun posts to go back and read, even though sometimes I cringe at my ability to just put it all out there.  Mmm, hindsight.

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because A) I’m sleep deprived — any free time goes to sleeping, and B) I’ve been sick.  It’s been an incredibly unpleasant month in that aspect, to say the least.  Many doctors visits, ER visits, tests, medicines.  Andrew joked last night that our kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy.  Isn’t he just the funniest?

It’s something to do with my digestive system, we’re pretty certain of that.  AKA, best/worst post-baby diet ever.  Lots of pain and being unable to eat virtually anything.  My gallbladder has been checked, I’ve had an ultrasound and a CT scan, lots of blood work, everything comes back normal.  Which is a good thing, but still doesn’t give us any answers.  I’m having an endoscopy done on the ol’ tummy next week, hopefully that will explain a few things.

In the meantime, we are taking it easy.  Andrew has picked up every last ounce of slack around here, making me wonder every single day what I’d do without him.  Our families, friends, and coworkers have been supremely gracious and understanding.  It really does take a village, like it or not.

So if you pray, maybe send a quick line up to the One who holds all things, that I’ll feel better and get some answers soon.  And have a very happy weekend — the first one of FALL!!!

A dinosaur and a dad, sharing a bag of popcorn beneath a broken umbrella, indoors.

A dinosaur and a dad, sharing a bag of popcorn beneath a broken umbrella, indoors.


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