3.5 months

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October 30, 2015 by Heather


Dearest Oliver,

Let me see.  How can I put this in such a way that doesn’t jinx the situation or seem like I’m comparing/contrasting you to your older brother.

You are the world’s absolute sweetest baby.

I’m sorry, there’s really just no other way to put it.  In fairness, your brother was also a sweet baby, but he was also a “high maintenance” baby (other people’s words, not mine), so I was expecting the same sort of behavior from you.  Way to go against expectations, son.  I’m so proud.  Please continue this.


At three and a half months old, you are pretty darn close to sleeping through the night.  In fact, there were a few nights in a row this week where you did just that!  But you still like to get up around 5am the majority of the time, and that is ok.  Your favorite thing to do is, well, anything.  You even smile when I suck boogers out of your nose.  Your smile takes over your whole face, and I’ve yet to really capture it in a picture because as soon as I stick my phone in your face you get all curious and non-smiley.  I guess I’ll just have to make like Mary and treasure these things in my heart.


You are still sleeping in the pack-n-play next to our bed, although I’ve been letting you nap some during the day in your crib, which you seem to love.  You’ve discovered your hands and will stare at them in amazement before one of them makes a fist and finds its way into your mouth.  You like to suck your thumb, which is the loudest and cutest thing ever.


You enjoy being in your car seat, which is good, because we like to get out and do things.  As long as you have a blanket up next to your face and a pacifier, you are happy as a clam.  You have a tiny heart-shaped temporary birthmark on your cheek (and one on the top of your head), which the doctor says will go away in a year or so.  People stop and ask if I’ve scratched you, and sometimes I reach out and scratch them.  Kidding, I don’t.  Actually, most people say “IT’S SHAPED JUST LIKE A HEART OMG!”  To be 100% honest, I find it completely adorable.  ♥


With all of the radiation from the tests and the medicines I was on the past couple of months, my milk almost went away completely, so you have a bottle most of the time now.  I’m trying a few methods to increase things, but you know what?  You are so happy and healthy, and I am so happy and healthy, that I’m not worried about it.  You’re my little trooper.  Thank you for being so patient and adapting to things so easily.


You find Parker and Daddy absolutely HILARIOUS.  You could watch them and laugh at them all day long.  I love love love to watch you watch them.  It is so precious to me, and I cherish this house-full of boys so much.  You three are my heart’s delight, my life’s greatest joy.


My sweet, tiny darling.  How I love you so.

Love Always,




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