My Boys

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December 3, 2015 by Heather


I remember when Andrew and I got engaged, it felt awkward to introduce each other as, “And this is so-and-so, my fiancé.”  It was like we were pretending.  It felt even more like pretending after we were married and referred to each other as husband and wife.  Kind of like that wonderful scene in Bridesmaids where Ellie Kemper’s character won’t stop introducing her husband because she just likes saying the word.


After Parker was born, same song second (or third) verse.  I would call to make a doctor appointment and saying “my son” felt super strange coming out of my postpartum mouth.

These are big Life Words, are they not?  Fiance, Husband, Son.  They indicate major changes, significant shifts.  I am slow to transition into these new roles, it can take months (years) for it to feel natural to me.


I remember when we found out Baby #2 was — yay! — another boy.  One of the things I was excited about, oddly enough, was being able to say “the boys” when referring to Parker and his little brother.  Hey can you get the boys ready for bed?  Yeah I’m just headed to get groceries with the boys.  Hey, boys, come rub my feet.  You know, things like that.


And so it goes, a new Life Word, or Phrase rather, has presented itself — “my boys.”  It’s been the easiest one to take on, for whatever reason.  And I love saying it out loud just as much as I thought I would.  These stinky, sweet, silly, sensitive, spectacular sons of mine.


“I guess I wouldn’t mind a pair of small, well-behaved boys.” – Angela, from The Office

Happy Thursday!!!


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