When We Were Young

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February 15, 2016 by Heather

I’ll be the first to admit that the social media parade of Valentine’s Day presents and dates and love posts makes me a little nauseas, so with that said, I’d like to indulge in a little hypocrisy this Monday morning.  Shall we?

Andrew did something so thoughtful this year that it merits documenting so I can look back on it and get all the feels again.  He isn’t a super romantic fellow (he would tell you that himself, and it has taken almost eight years of marriage for me to appreciate this personality defect trait instead of resenting it), but when he decides to summon it from the deep dark depths, he comes up with some very thoughtful ideas.  Last year, for example, he took us to a ballroom dancing class, which is something I will always remember fondly, and with a good bit of laughter at how terrible we were.

This year for Valentine’s, Andrew printed some photos and turned our hallway into a “wall of memories.”  I got home last night from a weekend with Mom and Hannah, and he had dinner and a whole presentation prepared.


They were in chronological order, starting with a few pictures of us before we met (to show “how bad off we were”), then pictures of us while we were dating and then engaged.  There were some of our wedding and first year of marriage (the horror, I mean fairytale), then some of our subsequent married years, including ones of our time in Colorado.  The next section was of us with Parker, and then recent ones of us with Oliver and all four of us together.



So this was all good and sweet and special, and I had dry eyes for the most part.

Until he opened our bedroom door and there was a “wall of future memories” that included everything from “paying off our student loans” to “Parker graduating high school” to “our first grandbaby.”  I CANNOT HANDLE THESE THINGS, I TELL YOU.  There were some from the immediate future, like “Heather taking a picture of our dinner,” and “photo of Andrew wearing a flannel shirt,” which made me laugh.  But boy, the far-off ones turned me into a puddle:  Oliver getting married, a picture of us after the kids have moved out, Parker’s first car.  These moments happen gradually in life, with stair-step moments in between so they don’t feel quite as sudden, so seeing them all there together made me really emotional.  All the feels, all of them.  It was a precious time.



Andrew had made a delicious dinner for us — herb crusted ribeye steaks with a grape and shallot balsamic reduction, served over parmesan couscous with some salad — and he was right, I did try to take a picture of it.  However, the deliciousness did not translate because the grapes and shallots looked like eyeballs.  They sure tasted good though.

xoxo Happy Monday!




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