9.5 months

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May 2, 2016 by Heather


Dear Oliver,

I hate to break it to you, but you are slowly edging out of my most favorite baby stage, that sweet 6-9 month window where mobility is limited and personality is starting to really blossom and I can still somewhat cart you around in the car seat without my arm dislodging from my body.  BUT.  But.  Lucky for you (and for me), you just keep getting sweeter, mobility and all.  Yes, you are getting into ev-er-y-thing and I’m reminded daily of my lack of baby proofing, but your curiosity is just adorable.  Risky, yes, but still adorable.


In the past month and a half you went from army crawling to actually crawling, and from your bottom to pulling up to your knees to pulling up to your feet!  Big month, let me tell you.




One afternoon last month you were waking up from your nap and I distinctly heard you say “mama” for the first time.  It was pretty precious.  Now you say “mamamamama” and “dadadada” and “babababa” and all those baby things, but I maintain that “mama” was your first word, even though it wasn’t directed at me.  YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT ME, OK.


We are working on finger foods — you really like puffs and mum-mums, and as of this week blueberries, but besides that you aren’t super into it.  You had some bites of a blueberry muffin over the weekend and really enjoyed that.  Saturday mornings = blueberry muffins in our house.  Glad you approve.



You really, really love taking baths, and you freak out whenever you see your bath being run (ran?).  You splash and play with some cups and bowls (containers are you favorite toy right now, so weird) and you even laugh when I dump water over your head.  You always pee as soon as I get you out, so I’ve learned to put a smaller towel immediately over your regions ASAP before wrapping you up in a big towel.  That cold air, am I right?



You still take two naps a day and sleep the whole night.  Just this morning I (along with Parker, God bless) lowered the mattress in your crib because I have been so terrified of you toppling over and out of it now that you can pull up.  I also switched out Parker’s 3t clothes to 4t and got out the 12mo clothes for you.  I like to do these size/bed shifts quickly and as devoid of emotion as possible.  That’s healthy, right?  Trust me, I’ll have all the feels and tears later.




Speaking of the feels, you got your first hair cut last week!  It made me inexplicably sad for you to get one before your first birthday (???), but you really did need a trim.  It was way over your ears and down the back of your neck.  And Denise didn’t leave you looking too much like a big boy, thankfully.


April was one heck of a month.  We had a lot going on, and it really flew by.  I have to tell you something I started doing though.  At night, before I go to bed, I sneak into the quiet stillness of your room and get you out of your crib.  Sometimes I tell myself I’m not going to wake you up but I do anyways.  It’s so selfish, I know, waking you up like that, just to hold you and feel the weight of your head resting on my shoulder, your little hands down at your side.  We sway and I smell the side of your head.  After a minute or two I stretch you out on the changing table and get you a dry diaper.  I tell myself I’m doing you a favor by changing it, but this whole process is really just for me, I won’t lie.  Your face is so confused – “why the heck am I awake right now??” – and you are just so sleepy and cute.  You go back to sleep right away, so there’s no harm done.  It’s our little secret, and it is a lovely, peaceful ending to the day.

I love you, always.





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