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June 10, 2016 by Heather


Dear Parker,

You’ve been four almost a month, and I’ve got to say, I’m liking it a lot.  I would say it seems like you changed overnight, but I know that’s not possible.  I think some things just clicked all of a sudden in your sweet little head, things like getting yourself dressed and listening a little better and being a bit more independent, and it makes life somewhat easier for all of us.  All of the work we did while you were three — the concepts and lessons that seemed like you’d never figure them out — seem to have paid off.  Who knew?  I’m proud of you buddy.


On your actual birthday we had a little family party here; you wanted to make strawberry cake, so that’s just what we did!  I have to say, you are quite the little chef.





A few days later we had a joint party with Abel, since his birthday is the day after yours, at G-da and Gigi’s house.  Lots of family and a few friends came — we had burgers and hot dogs and potato salad and fruit and cupcakes “with pictures of rescue bots on them” just like you requested.


You and Abel were both a little grumpy and not feeling 100% at the party, I’m not sure what was up.  But we had fun anyway, and you got some nice gifts and enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.



For your birthday we got you a brand new bike with pedals.  You’ve been cruising on your balance bike for a couple years, so it was time for a big boy upgrade.  Andrew and I were both under the impression that it would take you a while to warm up to it, but right after we gave it to you, you were zooming up and down the street after a little tutorial from dear ol’ dad.  It’s pretty impressive watching you ride, especially without training wheels!




You are always making us laugh with the things you say and the wild stories you come up with.  You are SO SMART, but I’m not allowed to tell you that because you’ll get a big head or something like that.  But I can write it here — you are so very smart, and I am daily blown away by how you put things together and figure things out.


You’ve gone swimming already a few times this summer and are OBSESSED with it.  You are pretty brave and love being in the water.  Those puddle jumper floaties are a wonderful invention.  You are so determined and focused when you swim, it is really cute.


As a big brother, you are so playful and loving and downright goofy.  You are constantly making Oliver laugh and telling him how much you love him.  Sometimes (a lot of times) you are accidentally too rough with him, but you try to be careful and play gently.  He’ll be up to your speed in no time, so just be patient.  Honestly, I think someday he might be bigger than you, so you better watch out with how many times you whack him in the face with your blanket.  Payback is coming.



My favorite time of day (besides bedtime) is right after you wake up from your rapidly disappearing afternoon nap.  I hear you yawn and kick some toys off your bed, then you get up and turn off your fan.  You come plodding down the hall with an armful of blankets and stuffed animals and crawl up in my lap.  No matter what I’m doing, I stop, drop, and cuddle.  We talk about your nap and your stuffed animals (Baby Sally, Green Blanket, and Tux Cat Watson) and what you dreamed about.  I smell your hair and scratch your back.  The moment lasts a few minutes until you decide you’re ready for some juice, but those minutes are so dear to me, and I will treasure them always, because I know you’re growing up and changing so very fast.  ALTHOUGH — you’ve promised you’ll let me hold you even when you’re grown, so I’m holding you to that.


What a wonderful, life-changing, blessed four years it has been, my sweet boy.  You are my sunshine, my laughter, my heart, and I love you so so much.

Love Always,




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