11 months

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June 21, 2016 by Heather


Dear Oliver,

Eleven months.  Wow.  How are you turning one next month?  It blows my mind.  You are the sweetest little thing I’ve ever been around.  I keep waiting for you to flip a switch and turn into a stinker, but it hasn’t happened yet.  You even understand what “no” means and actually listen and obey when I say it, which is nuts.  A very good kind of nuts though.  I’ll take a handful of those nuts any day of the week.


You are steadily easing your way into the world of feeding yourself.  You enjoy the process of it, but you are a little picky sometimes.  Not too much though.  Your favorite finger foods are blueberries, cheese, BANANAS, strawberries, peas, and bread.  You would eat bread all day and all night.  I still feed you baby food, your favorite is a mash-up of green beans and quinoa, and you also love bananas and pumpkin mixed together.  You’re veeeerry into yogurt as well, but it’s hard to find whole milk yogurt around here.  I stock up when I find it.  You also enjoy drinking out of a straw, which is super cute.


You are a curious cat.  You are also curious about the cat, just like Parker was.  You get so excited when you see December; it really does remind me of when your brother was your age.  He used to FREAK OUT whenever he saw her.  He’d scream and yell.  So funny.  Of course she’s not as into either of you as you’d like her to be.  Give it some time.


You are getting very good at pulling up to your feet, which means mama has been baby proofing more and more.  You always stand high up on your toes like a little ballerina, it’s precious.  Your calf muscles are gonna be impressive.


Your two most favorite things right now are 1) PARKER, and 2) BATH TIME.  On days when Parker is at preschool, you look and act like a little lost puppy.  He makes you laugh so much and you thoroughly enjoy his company.  You want to be all up in whatever he is doing, and for the most part he accommodates you, for now at least.



Whenever I take your diaper off on the changing table and pick you up nekkid, you instantly know it’s time for a bath and you kick your legs and squeal and get SO EXCITED.  You love being in the water, you even like having it dumped over your head.  It is adorable and so funny to see you get so excited about it.


You also really love bouncing around in the Johnny Jump-up thing.  You can really get going, and you lurch over and open cabinets and pull down the trash can.  It’s quite an event.  Your favorite toy to play with is Parker’s vacuum; you are also curious about the real one.  You’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve:  you can clap, click your tongue, smack your lips, shake your head, and wave, just not when you’re actually supposed to.



You are still sleeping super well — a nap in the morning, a nap in the afternoon, and 13 straight hours at night.  Nice work, son.  You’ve never disappointed in the sleeping department, or any other department for that matter.

Hard to believe this time next month you’ll be one year old!  I love you so much, my darling boy.

Love Always,





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