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September 16, 2016 by Heather

A few weeks ago I decided to make family dinners a priority.  Typically, Parker and Oliver eat their dinner around 5:00pm, and then Andrew and I have dinner after they go to bed, usually around 8.  And it’s nice to do it that way, because it gives us some time for just the two of us to share a meal together (and we still do that a couple times a week), but with Parker getting older and going to school it just felt like it was time to try and sit down at the table with everyone all together and talk about our day.

I decided that 2-3 nights a week would be a realistic goal, and for the most part we’ve made it happen!  I scramble to get it all together and Andrew blows in the door from Cross Country practice around 5:30 and we sit down to dinner.  It’s hot and messy and someone usually throws a fit in the process of getting to the table, but I’m learning to embrace the chaos of now.  I set the table, light a candle, use cloth napkins and real glasses instead of water bottles.  Andrew and I eat one thing and Parker and Oliver eat another (yet one more thing I said I would “NEVER DO” as a mother… my kid will only eat exactly what I eat!), and for those 10-15 minutes, we have what Parker refers to as “a family eat.”  He is so into it.  We talk about our day and I’m usually up and down getting more ketchup or milk or blueberries, but it feels really good, and it is always worth the effort.



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