15 months


October 21, 2016 by Heather

Dear Oliver,

I tried a few weeks ago to do a post for 14 months… I uploaded all of my photos, created a special file of pictures to put in the post, and then the computer was being a moron and I got frustrated so it didn’t happen.  The same thing happened just now… Upload photos, try to add them to the blog, nope.  But here’s a letter anyway, ok?  Because you are at such a fun stage, and that needs documented, with or without pictures.

And because I no longer publicize my blog on The Facebook, I’m going to go ahead and include things like how your breath always smells like a vanilla ice cream cone and that I spend a large portion of our mornings (and afternoons) just watching you play and periodically smelling the back of your neck and trying to hold your tiny hand.  I’m the biggest creep.  It won’t stop anytime soon, I’m afraid.  I find you and your brother so sensational and fascinating, and I just like to watch you as you grow and learn and play.  I love having a front row seat to all of it.  I’m so lucky.

Your favorite foods right now are:  bananas, blueberries (omg you inhale them), cheese, chicken, and cucumbers.  Yesterday I fed you some mashed avocado that had garlic salt on it and you really enjoyed that also.  One day this week you found an opened bag of animal crackers that Parker had left on the floor and it was like you’d discovered a crater of diamonds.  You love to snack and would eat all day long if I let you.

Bath time = THE BEST TIME.  You are obsessed with the water coming out of the faucet and get so mad when it’s time to get out.  You really, really love having your hair brushed afterward though.

You are not walking yet, but you are definitely climbing things and getting into all sorts of stuff, like the dishwasher and the bathroom sink and the nightstands and the kitchen counter.  Basically wherever there’s anything breakable/dangerous, there you are.  Knives, scissors, electrical cords, cleaning supplies.  You appear.  Walking is going to happen soon though.  You cruise around (I hate that term) and will stand unassisted, so it’s on the horizon.  No rush though.  Please, time, slow down.

I thought for a minute you were phasing out your morning nap, so we tried just doing the afternoon nap for about a week and it was a disaster.  I’m such a fan of two naps, so no complaints here.  At night you go to bed at 6pm (!!!) and wake up around 7:30am.  You love to sleep, and will regularly crawl around the house until you find a pillow or pile of laundry on the floor (not hard to find) and lean against it and say “night night!”  You only take a pacifier during naps and bedtime.  You have a mouthful of teeth with more coming in everyday, so we’ll see how much longer the paci lasts.  I took Parker’s away once he started biting them in half.

Speaking of Parker, you have definitely learned how to play a little rougher with him.  You’ll push him out of the way and crawl over him and grab a toy from him.  You hold your own, haha!  You’ve always been pretty aggressive, so it’s no surprise.

Right now you love putting things on your head — blankets, hats, necklaces.  It’s really funny.  You’re saying “bye bye” and “nana” and “da da” and “ki ki” for kitty cat.  You say “mama” but not really directed at me, the one who gave you life.  But that’s fine, it’s fine.  I need to find you a Halloween costume.  Parker is going to a football game tonight with Nana and Dude, so maybe you and I will get out and see if we can find ourselves something to wear next week.  We had better be home by 6:30pm though, because you don’t like missing bedtime.

I managed to come up with a few photos, what do you know!  You’re real cute.







I love you, I love you, I love you.

Love Always,



One thought on “15 months

  1. jillmccarty4 says:

    Sweet Oliver. Buddy, you have the best mama!

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